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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to take in any more rescues. I will, however, be glad to post them on my website for you, free of charge. I would ask for a couple of good photos of the dog and a paragraph or two about the dog, ie: age, breeding, temperament, health issues, good with kids and other pets, food aggressive, etc.

To see photos of some of our past adoptees, fetch the ball below.

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(Breed Specific Legislation)
Your favorite breed could be next!!!
Border Collies ARE on the list in some states!!!

Many thanks to Jack, who gladly offered to pose for this puppy mill banner!!


Debby's Dogges & Rescue, Border Collies, Florida.

Candi Nana was in our rescue for almost a year. She was considered a "hard to place" dog, since she was up in years and had a strong hatred for men. We finally placed her with a young couple who fell in love with her. Her trip home was uneventful. Upon arrival at her new home, her new parents opened the car door. She bolted, hit the ground running and never stopped. They tried to find her but to no avail. They live in Sanford. Candi was found dead on 415 in Osteen three days later. She had managed to cross the river! She was on her way back home. I believe she would have made it, had someone not killed her! She will be remembered always. Also, many thanks to  Susan Pinto who stopped to check on Candi alongside the road, check her collar for ID tags, and contacting us to let us know she had been found and was dead.
Please! Remember when adopting a new dog, that it may be confused, frightened, and may not know your intentions. Please take care to restrain/confine your new pet properly until it is used to you and it's new surroundings. Keep it's safety a top concern. Candi made us all painfully aware how important that can be.

PLEASE!  DO NOT take your border collie to the pound where it will have a very high chance of being euthanized! If you, or someone you know, has a border collie they do not want, or cannot keep, please contact us...or another rescue. We will gladly take in any HEALTHY border collie in need of a home and will try and place them into a suitable new home.
If you do not want your dog because you cannot afford to care for it properly, it is out of control, aggressive with children or other pets, too active for your lifestyle, won't stay home, digs, won't housebreak, etc.; if you are moving and can't take your pet...or for any other number of reasons, we will do our best to help find your pet a safe and loving new home. Please do not take them to the pound! We can determine if rescue dogs need working homes, pet homes, etc. and will attempt to place them into acceptable environments. Most shelters do not have the time or knowledge dealing with border collies and many are brought back. We want all of our dog's homes to be permanent and happy ones.
NOTEWe rescue Border Collies only! We do not take in mixed breeds or other breeds of dogs. Please do not contact us if you have any breed other than a Border Collie. We are not a humane society and are not funded. We regret, we do not have the room or finances to take in all dogs, although we would if we did.
Only healthy dogs will be accepted as we do not want to expose our dogs to any illnesses or unhealthy conditions. We will quarantine, but space is very limited. Age and temperament are not a factor, however, we do not wish to take your old and dying dog just to save you the anguish of having to put it to sleep by yourself or to watch it die of old age. We will provide a euthanasia service for dogs in need for a minimal fee and costs, (injection fee and disposal fee:. We do not put animals to sleep on our premises. This must be done by a certified veterinarian. We will NOT euthanize any sound animal for ANY reason!
If you are interested in an adoptee, please contact us for availability.
If you have a dog you would like to bring in, call for space availability. We will not always take in dogs as we will occasionally be overloaded, however, we will do our best to accomodate them all!!
Every dog deserves a safe, loving and forever home!

We love them all. Please be generous and help us help those that cannot help themselves. This page was last updated on 4-18-12.