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PLEASE NOTE...The views I express on this page are my personal views, developed from information I garnered from many different locations. These are my views and may not necessarily be fact. I have done months of research on the internet, in magazines, speaking with animal care experts, kennel clubs, pet owners, etc. This is what I found out and what I believe to be fact.
In the past couple of years especially, I have seen a huge increase in people buying pups from me to replace a beloved pet which died of some form of cancer, lymphoma or tumor. Most had suffered additional problems like allergies, skin disorders and even epileptic episodes. These have been dogs of all breeds, well cared for, and very much loved. Most were less than 13 years old when they died or had to be euthanized. So, all I could think of was "what are these animals eating or drinking?" There did not seem to be any link to well vs. city water. I began researching what goes into commercial dog foods and the main ingredients which are being used in the processing of the commercial foods which we feed our pets.
I started asking these people what they had been feeding their pets before they died, and what they had been fed for the majority of their lives. There did not seem to be any particular product or company which overshaddowed the rest, but they were all fed canned or dry (or both), commercially processed, grocery store, department store, or inexpensive low end feed store dog foods. I decided to do further research on the internet to compare dog foods and to do ingredient analysis' on them. 
What I read was horrifying!
I had no idea what I was going to find, and I must say, I was shocked! It was much worse than I could have ever imagined. What I read made me ill. Let's face it. Our pets mean a lot to us. However, they mean a lot of profit to the dog food companies too. Dog food is the number one means of disposing of garbage animals, leftover body parts of slaughter house animals, and a great place to dispose of unwanted excess flesh. Dog food companies do not necessarily care about your pets. They want to SELL and make a profit on dog food. They want to produce them as cheaply as possible and sell them for the most money possible. They SELL their products by selling them to the pet owners, not the pets. They spend thousands every year advertising to the general public, selling their special food's pretty colors, pretty flavors, pretty ideas, lower prices, easy access, etc. Dogs don't care if their food looks like tiny bones, peas and carrots, or if they have kibble and chewy stuff in it, or have chunks of chewy stuff in them that is "dyed" to LOOK like meaty chunks to thier owners. They must eat to survive. They have no control over what we fed them. Not only is processed dog food mostly fillers like soy, corn, wheat, rice and other grains, not meant for carnivores to eat at all, and which are also highly allergenic to them (many skin allergies and hair loss problems), these "foods" also include all of the leftover bones, feathers, beaks and feet, guts and garbage, of slaughtered animals, which are labeled as "processed bone meal", "meat by-product meal", etc. and assumed by the consumer to contain some form of quality meat content. Rancid meats, leftover meat garbage from the human market is often tossed into the rendering plant "soup", including the styrofoam trays and plastic wraps they are wrapped in. I even read of dead circus elephants, road kill, chemically euthanized humane society animals (yes, that means they are eating other cats and dogs, which is bad enough in itself, but they are also eating the flea collars they are wearing, and the phenobarbitol which is used to euthanize them!), sick and diseased cattle, horses, sheep, etc... leftovers from slaughtering houses, (sick, diseased, cancer/tumor riddled, dead and dying animals) that are unfit for human consumption (often sprayed with chemicals like kerosene and citronella oil to prevent people from eating it), but also excessive chemicals used for preservation of the same and dyes for color. (Dogs are color blind! They add this junk to sell this stuff to the buyer, not the dog!) And to top it all off, once the food is extruded into fancy shapes, pellets or kibbles, it is then quite often sprayed with old used rancid grease from restaurant dump tanks to add some form of flavor to entice our animals to eat this garbage! This is pretty much in ALL standard grocery and retail dog foods, even the ones that shout quality and boast rather hefty price tags. I won't even go into what is in the least expensive store brand and other low end dog "foods". Animals such as birds and deer would survive better on that garbage than dogs can! Ever smell a dog that is fed cheap grain based dog food? That dirty old "hound dog smell" is not the sign of a healthy dog! The problem is that there is little or no restriction placed on the content of these foods by the government, and the bone meal, animal by-product meal, etc. are all accepted terms used to cover up the heinous contents of these "meals". Where's the MEAT in this food? READ YOUR LABELS!!! If the first ingredients are some sort of grain, or some type of "by product meal" you could be giving your dog more than you bargain for.
A new trend is towards the all-natural, human grade, or "holistic" specialty commercial foods which include a plethera of interesting ingredients like blueberries, fish and sweet potatoes. Even wolves and other wild canids will eat fruits, berries, fish and grasses when meat is scarce. However, you must be cautious not to go overboard on the fruits and veggies, as canids are naturally carnivores, not vegitarians. They NEED to eat fresh meat. As with all commercial animal food, the pet may seem to start out well on a certain diet, while eventually becoming listless, losing coat, developing diarrhea and becoming quite ill. These are by far, a much better product to feed your pets provided they are researched carefully, but they can also be so highly priced, that most average pet owners are squeemish about paying the prices asked by retailers. The package volume is also often very small for the money as well. A big drawback for these type of foods is that the average person, with several dogs, or cats, and a basic middle class salary, cannot possibly afford to use them for their pets. These holistic foods can also be difficult to locate and obtain for any extended length of time as they can be "fadish" and most stores can't sell enough of one particular type to keep carrying it in their stores. They must often be special ordered and picked up at pre-planned intervals by the customer, or delivered to their home. Though better for your pet than the average store bought dog foods, and even if you can afford them, they may not contain all of the nutrition your pet may need, and may still contain preservatives. The product you consider must be researched before deciding which one to use for your pet. Another benefit of this type of food is that it is generally produced in much lower quantities, packaged in smaller containers, and is usually much fresher to feed and not kept in some warehouse for long periods as are so many commercial, store grade, name brand feeds.
Then there are raw food diets, such as the B.A.R.F. diet. (Bones And Raw Foods). This is truly the best type of diet for your pet, but also very expensive and difficult to balance properly. In these diets, you feed human grade raw meat to the animal, (most often chicken necks and backs since they are the most affordable, though the cuts and the meat source should vary for a healthier diet). Some animals just won't eat it if they aren't used to it. There are different formulas and recipes, which I have found difficult to locate. I do have an acquaintance who uses one of these diets with her four dogs. She has 2 males, 2 females, and all of them are beautiful, healthy and active. They are all fairly young, the oldest being only around 5 years old, so I cannot say that they will not develop any cancers, tumors or bone problems as they age, however, they are all very healthy and beautiful right now. All four of them have beautiful coats and no allergies or skin problems at all. They also have much fresher breath than most dogs. I do believe, after all I have read, that this is by far the best diet for our pets, but it too, may be too much for the average pet owner to handle or afford. Some dogs (and owners too), have a difficult time with the "raw" aspect and caution must be used to prevent any salmonella or other bacterial problems from occuring. Most dogs and cats do not suffer from salmonella based illnesses, however, caution should be used by the humans preparing the food. Cleanliness is a must with this diet. Hands, utensils, and preparation and feeding surfaces must be kept very clean. This is probably the least convenient way to feed your pet(s) and if you have a very busy schedule, might be impossible to maintain.
What is the answer?
My conclusion to this problem is to give my dogs supplemental ANTIOXIDANT vitamin mineral products along with a good quality meat based dry food. If nothing else, the antioxidant content will help clean their blood and remove all the gross things that are added to their food that their bodies do not need and can't process. Some of these poisons and chemicals which can pile up in their blood, bone and organs, cause the cancers and lympomas to develop. The vitamins and minerals ensure that the animals stay strong and healthy which will help their bodies fight off any allergies or other illnesses they might encounter otherwise.
I have tried NuVet products and have found them to be very worthwhile. I have tried others with no visible signs for the better, even after several months of use. At my lowest level, I feed high quality, top of the line, department store food. I can not always afford the specialty foods or the raw food diets. I have found the NuVet products to be very useful in keeping our animals healthy, well and in beautiful condition.
In fact, I believe in this product so much, that I will add an additional year to my puppy health guarantee for all puppies which are given the NuVet wafers throughout their first year. I know you will be so impressed with this product that you will want to keep your pet on this product for the remainder of it's life.
But, don't take my word for it! You can research this information yourself on the web. I typed in phrases like "pet food ingredients", "dog food contents", "chicken by-product meal", "meat and bone meal", etc. I warn you, it's disgusting!
I give a brochure and a sample of NuVet dog wafers in every puppy pack I send home. If you would like to order a supply of any of the NuVet products, you can contact them at:
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It may sound like I'm selling for this company. I believe in this product and that is the only reason I am endorsing it. Why take my word for it? You can research the dog food industry as I have and also NuVet Lab's website as well.
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