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There is a TON of information on this page. It's all important. Hopefully, any questions you might have will be addressed on this page including pricing and shipping. Please read it when you have the time available to read and fully comprehend it all.
IF you have questions after reading this page, please do not hesitate to ask either by email or phone. Please do read the page first, however, as most all of your questions should be answered here. Thank you.


First, I require an adoption questionnaire to be filled out by all prosective buyers. There will be a spot on the application to sign that you have read this page in its entirety. Incomplete or illedgible applications will be returned or rejected. This application process allows me to determine which type of puppy would be best suited for your situation, and to see if your situation is suited for your puppy. I reserve the right to refuse the sale of a pup in the event of a poor match and will suggest a pup better suited to the buyer's needs. Please contact me if you would like me to email you a copy of our application. My application is not listed on this website and must be requested either via phone or email. You can click on this link to request an application: . Email me for an application and I will email you one that can be filled out online and emailed back.

Puppies... (Waiting list consists of all applications I'm holding in my file). I will also post photos on this website of each puppy, showing their color and listing thier sex for buyers to begin looking and trying to decide which pups they like. I update all information as the pups grow. I attempt to update photos and information once a week on the pup's birth day. (Sometimes I get a little late, but usually get them on there.) Once prospective buyers have made their choices, they will have their choice of available pups. Pups that have been purchased will be marked "sold" on their photos on the "Puppy" page of this site. If a check is mailed for a deposit, the pup will be marked "pending" until the check arrives and clears. At that time the pup will be marked "sold".

NOTE:  I cannot guarantee what a puppy's ears will do after it is born. Ears often don't set until after the puppy is done teething or around 6 months of age. The enzime which causes the gums to soften so the teeth can emerge also softens the cartilage in the ears. Ears may change several times before they finally set. Ears can be floppy, tipped, prick, one up and one down, or any other natural ear setting. There is no standard for a border collie's ears, except for only large floppy hound-type ears being not acceptable at all. The color white should never predominate, UNLESS the dog will be ticked. That is, unless black or color covers their ears. Solid white with no color will be born deaf and a common rule. Ticked dogs will be born white with ticking starting to show around nose and front legs by 8 weeks. Eyes open around 2 weeks of age. It may take a couple weeks after that to determine the true color the eyes will be. I will not guarantee eye color until after 5 weeks of age.

Stud Service...It is very unlikely that I will use my dog to stud out. In most of the cases that I have been contacted, the bitches had no papers, were purchased from a local shelter, had horrible pedigrees, were of questionable origin, etc. I WILL NOT breed one of my dogs to any bitch that does not have a full ABCA, IBCA or AKC, pedigree with active quality working dogs in it, nor will I breed to someone who has never bred before or knows nothing about Border Collie genetics. I will not breed my dogs to any bitch with a questionable temperament. I have had many discussions regarding this with people who just want a pup out of their "wonderful" unregistered dog that came from where ever, that want their children to experience the "miracle" of nature (without any concept of what becomes of the resulting offspring), and other reasons for NOT breeding their pet. If you are interested in breeding an unregistered, poorly registered, poorly bred pet, no matter how "sweet" she may be, please do not contact me. This may cause some to think I am a snob, or that I have a stuck up attitude. That may very well be so. However, my dogs are my life. I am responsible for what becomes of them and their offspring. I have only their best interests at heart and if that hurts some people's feelings or steps on some toes, that's just the way it has to be.

SPECIAL NOTE:  All of our pups are sold with a spay/neuter contract unless determined otherwise to be in the best interest or future benefit of the border collie breed through a conscientious breeding program. Breeding rights will be granted only to persons currently in a proven breeding program and must have dogs already working in a herding or sporting capacity. All registration papers will be held by myself until I have proof in hand that puppies have been altered. Pet puppy papers will reflect a limited, non-breeding registration. Unless you are an experienced working border collie dog breeder, please find your puppy elsewhere if you are looking to breed it. If you wish to do agility, flyball, frisbee, etc. and you "believe" that an unaltered dog builds stronger bones and muscle, I will accept vasectomies and tubal ligations on my puppies, before sexual maturity, and with written confirmation from a licensed veterinarian who performs the procedure that it has been done. I retain all registration papers until your puppy has been altered and I have proof from your vet. At that time, I will forward your papers to you along with an in depth CD of all of the photos taken of your pup from the time of it's birth, parent's photos, etc.

We have spent almost 15 years developing the bloodlines and quality of dogs we currently have in our breeding program. We strive to breed the absolute best, well rounded, most versatile, healthy, sound and athletic working and companion dogs available anywhere. We will not allow our kennel name to be used on backyard bred, substandard, non-registered border collies, which are sold to whomever has the money to buy them, nor do we want any of our pups or their future offspring turning up in shelters or rescues. We are firm on our spay/neuter policy. Likewise, we will not stud our males to any inferior, unregistered, or substandard bitches. Any bitches considered must be of quality breeding and pedigree, with certified good hips and eyes, temperament and instinct, must be current on all vaccinations, have a recent bordatella vaccine, and be certified free of any internal or external parasites or contagious diseases such as brucellosis. Also, any pups produced will be required to be altered. No exceptions!

We will gladly take back ANY of our pups at ANY time should ANY problem arise! In fact we require it! It's in our contract. If you cannot keep your puppy/dog for any reason, I will always take them back. Our puppies/dogs are our first concern! I've taken in way too many rescue dogs from other breeders who won't even return the phone calls of their desperate buyers! We are NOT that way! We are available 24/7 for questions, problems, and returns... brags too for that matter. ALL shipping/transportation fees are strictly the responsibility of the buyer.

If you have any questions about these policies, please don't hesitate to ask.

Please Read on for Pricing and Deposit information...

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Below are the methods of payment we accept. Please read them carefully if you are interested in purchasing a puppy from our kennel.

Payment... CASH is always the preferred method of payment, however...
We also accept personal and business checks (see below), and Western Union transfers.
We will accept PayPal instant transfer method. This is a preferred method for getting in deposits quickly. (see below)

We DO NOT accept Money Orders, Cashier's Checks, credit cards, ATM cards or debit cards...ever!

Note: PayPal charges us a percentage on all transactions coming in to our account by Credit Cards, debit cards or bank transfers. If we incur a fee for your payment, that amount will be passed on to you, the buyer, and is due before your puppy will be released to you. A $250 deposit via PayPal usually incurs an $8 fee which the buyer is responsible for.

PayPal is very convenient and fast, but please be aware of this fee. You will be charged only the fees that are assessed to our account. We do not add any fees of our own. PayPal is a fast means of sending the money if you are in a hurry to get your deposit in, or just want the convenience of it. PayPal is considerably cheaper than Western Union.

If you have not signed up for PayPal, but would like more information, go to their website at or click on the PayPal button link on this page (see below).

We accept personal checks and business checks for deposits, but please note...VERY IMPORTANT! Puppies will be held until checks clear, so please do not come to pick up your puppy and expect to pay by check because we will not release the puppy to you at that time. (I have been screwed more than once when waiving this policy. Under no circumstances will I ever waive it again. Sorry. Please bring CASH for your final payment if your pup is not paid in full by pick up time. We have been stuck too many times before and will not make any more exceptions to this policy!!! Checks must be received 15 days prior to picking up or shipping of your puppy. Make all checks payable to "Debby Jusick", NOT to my kennel name.

"Minimum" puppy deposit is $250.00.

Note:  Deposits are nonrefundable. We do not return deposits, with the sole exception of your puppy developing some physical defect or illness, or if there are not enough puppies born, or if your gender preference is not available to fill your order. If you... change your mind, purchase a dog elsewhere, cannot have it where you live or have a personal problem where you cannot afford your puppy, you will forfeit your deposit.
If you opt to pay in full, rather than just the deposit, and then opt out, all of your money WILL be refunded to you EXCEPT $250 for the deposit. Your deposit will still be retained but the rest of the money you paid will be returned to you.
If you have any questions regarding any of our policies, please feel free to email me.

Due to the increases in the price of quality dog food, vet bills, etc. our prices have gone up to $750. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes you but we are facing the prices of everything going up around us, as are all of us. Our flea/tick control alone costs us in excess of $200 per month. A bag of food lasts us 3 days and cost us up to $30 per bag. We also have heartworm preventive and  vaccinations and incidentals like dental bones, toys, kennel repair, boo boos, and misc. supplies, etc. Our puppies are taken to a licensed veterinarian for EVERY visit. We do not worm or vaccinate our puppies ourselves except for extreme circumstances beyond our control. For the benefit of our puppies and our buyers, we have them fully vetted by a licensed professional, which costs MUCH more than doing it myself. You will receive a puppy pack with samples, toys, coupons, and a complete health record from the vet. I do not cut corners where my pups are conderned! I'm very sorry to have to pass this along to you, but I can't survive unless I do. I hope you will understand.

Standard Puppy Prices

Black/White, Red/White or Tricolor - $750 and up

Blue/White, Blue Merle or Red Merle - $800 and up 

Slate Merle, Lilac Merle, double dilutes, - $850 up

We are ALWAYS in need (especially in the winter), of towels and blankets. We can always use crates, dog houses, stainless steel bowls, maintenance supplies such as HeartGuard, Frontline, etc.! If you have any dog supplies you don't need, and if you live nearby, we would gladly pick them up from you! We are always in need of these items and can put them to very good use. We also collect weight circles from dog food bags.

For safety reasons, NO donations of OPEN bags of dog food please, ...unless bringing in a rescue with the remains of the food he/she has been eating.



If you cannot pick up your puppy at the time it turns 8 weeks, or if you have previous vacation plans, etc., I can keep and care for your puppy/dog for you. I ask that you supply the food your pup/dog is used to eating, bring all of it's meds, have all vetting current, etc. If your pup has already gone home and my puppy pen is no longer set up, I require you to bring a crate, blanket, food bowls and favorite toy also. If pup will be in my care when next set of shots are due, owner must refund me any money I have to spend on vet care and meds.
$8 per day for 4 or more days
$10 per day for 3 days or less.

Airplane Taking Off

Shipping... If we will be shipping your puppy, all shipping costs (crate, air fare, etc.) must be paid in full before we will ship your puppy. Our standard shipping fee at this time is $450. This price includes health certificate, crate, and airfare. However, with the prices of gas rising the way they have, the airlines keep adjusting their rates. Should the rates increase further...or decrease (unlikely), this fee will reflect those changes. If you prefer, we will consider shipping your pup C.O.D. or Counter to Counter (within the USA), provided the pup has been paid for in full. Buyer must prepay health certificate and cost for airline approved shipping crate. THE REST of the shipping expense falls to the buyer on arrival of their puppy. Airfare would be paid for at the time of pick up to the airport. Shipping by air can only be done at certain times of the year and is temperature regulated. We have no control over this. The airlines will check temperatures at the airport pup is shipped from, any airports they lay over at, and the temperature at the final destination. If the temperatures are too high or too low at ANY of those locations, they will deny shipping. Again, we have no control over these regulations. The airlines set them for the safety of the animals. We ship out of Orlando International Airport or Daytona Beach Airport (preferred), and you can calculate costs from there to where ever you would have us ship to. If you require me to ship your puppy, all of your airport information must be listed on that section of the application.
We will hand deliver pups by car within a reasonable distance, for mileage and a small fee. **This must be paid previous to the puppy exchanging hands. The puppy itself must be paid in full, in advance, before we will transport, either by car or by air.
I have a pet transport service that I have used with good success. The animals are kept in a clean stainless steel transport trailer. They are watered and walked every 6 hours. If the airlines cannot accept any live animals, and if you are located too far for us to deliver, the transport service charged $300 for puppies and $400 for adult dogs last time we used them. This is regardless of breed. This price is subject to change with the gas prices too. I would need to contact them to find out what their current rate is. They transport all over the United States. You are not required to purchase/provide a crate for this service, however, it will take a couple of days to a week for your puppy to arrive as they travel all over the country and may have other pick up and drop offs in between. All dogs are kept in their own separate stainless steel kennels on the transport and not mixed up with other dogs. It's not the preferred method for those in a hurry, however, it may become the only option at certain times of the year. They are nice people and do take good care of the animals.
I DO NOT make any profit on shipping. These are the actual prices charged by the transporters. You may even arrange transportation for your puppy by yourself.
Except for the initial deposit, we will accept payments on puppies, but they MUST be paid for IN FULL before they reach 8 weeks of age, and ALL methods of payment MUST clear our bank before any puppy leaves these premises.
If you have any questions regarding any of my policies, please feel free to contact me regarding them. I breed quality dogs. For this reason, I request that I be contacted should your pup develop any type of malady or condition which would be genetic in nature. I do guarantee my puppies in writing.
When a pup leaves my home, it does not leave my heart or my care. I am available for the life of your puppy for any questions, suggestions, problems or brags. Please feel free to contact me 7 days a week. If I do not answer the phone, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. (I DO return ALL calls and emails in a fairly quick timeframe.) Please leave your phone number twice and speak clearly. I can't call you back if I can't understand what you are saying...and that drives me nuts!!! My phone and fax are combined and sometimes I forget to turn the fax off. If you get the fax squeal, please try back later or send an email.
Before purchasing a pup from my kennel you must complete an application which will be kept in my file for my reference and record keeping. Upon picking up your puppy, there will be a contract which must be signed regarding the care of your puppy. All will be discussed with you at time of pick up. Issues on the contract have all been touched upon on this page, and is why no one gets a pup until this page has been read in it's entirety.
Please puppies are my FIRST concern. Their futures, their happiness, their safety come first. If you are not happy with my policies, you are welcome to discuss them with me, however, in most cases, I will not bend them. It is from years of dealing with people and breeding my dogs that I have instituted each and every requirement and policy to date. Also know that my buyers are very important to me as well, and every buyer becomes part of my extended "doggie family". My interest in my puppies does not end when the puppy leaves here. However, I will not hesitate to lose a sale, and I have lost a few, if I do not think my puppy will be safe and happy in a new home. I will not hesitate to refuse to sell one of my pups to anyone I do not feel has the best interest of my puppies at heart, or have the ability to be a good puppy parent, or have a safe environment for my puppies. I will not be the least bit insulted if you find my policies unacceptable and decide to purchase a puppy elsewhere. Please know this: my puppies come FIRST!
Now, after all the blah,blah,blah, I hope you feel confident in the quality of my dogs and the support I will provide in the future, should you need it. Thank you for reading my policies. I hope your new family member will bring you many years of joy!
Click this button to send payment via Paypal. Use my email for my account, shown above link.

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Remember, all of our puppies are guaranteed in writing!
This page is current as of 6-29-11.