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Below are some of the letters we have received from some of our puppy buyers, rescue adopters, supporters and friends!

I just wanted to write a note of thanks to you for taking the time to talk with me a couple of weeks ago. I called for help regarding our new border collie puppy purchased from another breeder. You were right on target with your suggestions and I am pleased to tell you that things are working out nicely! I was so worried about our 2 year old border collies behavior toward our new puppy. You were so nice to talk with me and help to ease my concerns. I have been following your advice to "let them work things out" and reminding Buddy (our 2 yr old) to "be nice". I am still watching them closely and enjoy watching them now interacting and becoming friends. Buddy is still letting the puppy know he's boss of course, but I see him giving in to him by sharing and being very tolerant of him.
     Thank you so much again for caring enough to share your knowledge about this wonderful breed!
Ave W.

Hi, My name is Carol and I have been checking out Border collies for many months and have decided I do want a puppy from you! When I read your notice about the lady slandering you I knew right away that you were the breeder I need to deal with. You're always lied about when you're doing it "right".  It  drives the others wild because they can not keep pace with you. Please write me back and let me know when you're expecting again! Thanx and keep the faith for your efforts. Carol

...We just lost the love of our lives Mischief a GEORGOUS 12 year old rough coated tri-colored girl....We have come to the realization that we don't want to go through the same problems we experienced with Mischief (who we adopted from the pound at 6 weeks) and who was, as my husband lovingly says "the most expensive $20 dog we ever had!!" We are animal lovers. We are now retired and living on 1/2 acre fenced 3500 sq. ft. 1 story home and have nothing but love and attention to lavish on a puppy. We are looking for the classic border collie look, i.e. black/white, white blaze, matching eyes, very much like your Katie. As a matter of fact, the 2 could have been sisters they look so much alike. Please get back to me so that we can explore further. I read about the aggravation you are having with this other breeder, and as a former business owner, I empathize with you and your frustration. The only thing I can tell you is to continue being better than she is and what goes around ABSOLUTELY comes around. Thanx for getting back to us........Helen

Hi Debby,

I just read your statement online about the woman who is trying to slander you. I am more than willing to come to your defense if need be. I have the strongest, healthiest, good mannered puppy and I don't mind helping you defend your name.

We have been told by two vets from different practices, as well as dog enthusiasts and trainers that our puppy was bred very well. Are all these people wrong? It personally doesn't even matter to me, because although I love their compliments...I know that the dog was bred well just by seeing the difference between him and other dogs in our neighborhood. Keep up the good work.


As some of you know, I have been persecuted heavily on some of the chat groups. Rumors have spread and lies have been told about me by jealous breeders and also ignorant gossip spreaders who have nothing better to do than to spend their day hurting other people, most of whom they don't even know. Some of the lies I have heard about me are absolutely shocking!
Because of this persecution, I should know better than to do the same thing to someone else. I was told by a chat room gossip (who I considered to be a friend at the time), that a dog I was interested in breeding to was a carrier of CEA. I believed her and passed this information on to a couple of my breeder friends (who were also thinking about it), to "protect" them from possible damage to their bloodlines... not realizing I was guilty of the same thing as all of the other "gossips" who had done it to me. I have since found that she was also one of those gossiping about me on the chat groups too. I no longer speak to her, nor do I enter and read any chat room gossip!
I was contacted by the man and instantly realized what I had done. I had not posted it on the chat groups for the entire world to see, but I had passed it on, and it was wrong of me to do so...especially without proof! I immediately contacted everyone I had passed the "gossip" on to and retracted my email completely. I felt so terrible. I told him that if there was ever anything I could do for him, I would be glad to do it. I was so ashamed for what I had done. I didn't mean to hurt anyone. I was actually trying to help my friends. However, what I did was very wrong and very hurtful to this man. Without even thinking I had done that horrible thing which had been done to me!
I received an email from Mr. Aled Owen yesterday, and offered to print his email (below) on my website in an attempt to help reverse some of the damage I had done to him. I wish him all the best!
Subject: Re: Bob ISDS 224454
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006
Dear Debby,
    Thought I'd let you know that Bob 224454, has been genetically tested Normal for CEA/CH by Optigen in New York, and also my young dog Roy 266416.
    I spoke to Mike Northwood at Come Bye.Com who looks after the AI side of things, he says that people were still telling him that Bob was a carrier, it's done me terrible harm, I've only sold 1 straw, but now I hope that this will make them eat their words.
    I don't know why people take so much pleasure from it, someone told me the other day it's jealousy, I suppose it's human nature.
    I've two wonderful young dogs, both by Bob, Roy who is this year's Nursery dog, actually he's already won two Open trials, and still only two and a half years old, so he's qualified for this year's Welsh National, my other dog is Spot, 20 months old, he came 4th in his first Novice trial last Sunday, I believe he's the finest dog I've had since my old Roy, time will tell.
    I hope everything is well with you that side of the world, it's a bit cold and wet over here, and the sheep are due to start lambing next week, not really looking forward to it.
    Anyway I'll better go and feed them before they start complaining.
        With regards,
            Aled Owen.

Regarding Patches, one of our rescue dogs...
Sometimes when people admire our sweet dog, and ask me where I got her, I tell them about how I searched the net exhaustively, looking for the best BC breeder out there. After finding the *right* breeder (that's you), there was the disappointment of the breeding that didn't take, and then the missed litter  - last, just one look at that face in your photo, the little face of Patches, whose name is now Corrie.
Not too many of my friends and neighbors knew that I was heading out for a 2,400 mile drive to pick up my dog. A dog that I'd only seen in a few pictures on the net. It seemed kind of over-the-top. I was a little embarrassed; like, aren't there enough dogs closer to home? The answer is: well, no. THIS dog was the dog for me, for us.
And I was right, my intuition said it was the right choice, and it was. Also, everything you said about her on your website was true and accurate, which is a testament to your honesty and your knowledge and understanding of dogs, BCs in particular.
At first she was scared of everything. Our two cats were mean to her; they jumped out from under beds, reached down from furniture for a swat  -  and then would sit side by side staring at her, which drove her into her crate every time. Well, that's history. Now Corrie ignores the kitties, in a regal way, even when they go after her tail or jump out at her. She pushes them out of the way with her shoulder if they get between her and something she wants  -  a pat, a place on the bed, a scrap of meat. She doesn't make much use of the crate any more; now she lies underfoot, especially in doorways like dogs are supposed to do.
When she first came to us, I thought that Corrie was not food-motivated. Now I know otherwise. I think she was hit or yelled at after being persuaded to take some treat; or maybe the treat was held out until she got close enough to do whatever evil thing those evil people did to her, and then it was yanked away. Whatever it was that she went through in her former life, the way it played out in our household was that we spent months teaching our dog to beg at the table! At first we had to let the tidbit fall to the floor (tossing it sent her flying to her crate). We said 'oops' whenever we clumsily dropped something. Now she's almost completely recovered; she's the first one to the table when she hears the call that dinner's ready.
She loves people and action and kids and other dogs. Her life's ambition is to catch a chipmunk  -  tho a bird would do. We have a busy doggie crowd on our street, and they play together, and play and play and play. She's so happy, tongue hanging out, smiling, leaping around in circles just for the joy of it. Her coat is soft and curly and silky and incredibly beautiful, with streaks of black hair hiding in the white fluff. She looks totally kooky when the sun shines on her blue eye, making the pupil small. Everyone who sees her wants to cuddle her, and she loves the attention. She's also the best-behaved dog in town.
Sometimes when Tim and I are reading in bed, she jumps up and joins us. She can be so silly  -  she sits up between us, her eyes gradually closing as we pat her and rub her tummy. After a while, eyes closed, she just kind of goes limp and falls over. When we laugh, her eyes open partway and swivel back and forth between the two of us.
One of these days I'll get some photos to send you. We've taken quite a few pictures, but they don't come out well. She's shy of the camera, and in all the photos we have, she's trying to hide, turning away, looking miserable. We'll keep working at it.
Thank you so much, Sara, Tim, Charley, and Peter

Hi Deb,
OMG! I have never seen or had such an intelligent puppy.  First, she waits for me to take her out on the grass to "do her business". She sleeps through the night from 10 to 5am and then wakes me by stretching her little body and gently pawing at my chin and licking it. This morning I couldn't believe it - she used the doggy door like it was nothing - like she knew what it was instantly. INCREDIBLE!!!!!!
    I took her to see Sunny (horse) - she was scared, but that's okay, she's too little anyway. She got to meet the guy I used to date, Charlie and he fell in love with her. He said if I ever need a baby sitter for her, he would be glad to do it. Anyway, love her to death!!!
Have a great day!

Well that's awesome that you have sold everyone!!  The thing I really like about you is that you take such an active role with the pups.  Not only do you let the families come and see their pups, you keep us updated through the website... and now taking cute Valentine's day pictures....I love the way you put the stuffed animal's arm around them! ... just this whole expierence with you has been such a great one so far.. I am looking forward to my first puppy reunion!!  When I went looking on the internet for a good breeder, your letters page caught my eye, and reading all the good things about you made me want to go through you.  But even though others said good things about you, I still wasn't fully prepared for really how generous and kind you are until I saw it for myself in person.  So if my letter inspires someone else to go through you, then thats a great thing because they too will have a remarkable expierance.  I mean, I've never gone looking for a dog by myself, my parents did that part for me before, so I was very hesitant until I met you because I wanted to make sure I found a good breeder. There are a lot of not-so-good ones out there.  So that being said, you definately have put me completely at ease with your openness, and if my letter helps others feel the way I feel, then I am extremely for that!   Hope everything is going well with you.

Got the papers.  Thanks!!
...Spirit is doing fantastic and is probably one of the smartest dogs I have ever been around in my life!

I have to tell you a quick funny story. Before we brought Jamoca home everyone on the street was trying to talk us out of getting a Border Collie. They knew every bad stereotype out there.  Now, all we hear is, "the next dog I get, it's going to be a border collie!" Our neighbor Sam who is in his 80's was the worst. Up until the day we left to come to Deland, he was trying to talk us out of getting him. As soon as we brought Jamoca home, he and Sam had a connection.  Jamoca even barks when  he sees a stranger pulling into Sam's driveway. It's really cute. The other day Sam said to me, "if I get another dog, it's going to be a border collie. They make the best pets!" Who knows this may need to be renamed "Border Collie Lane".
(Note: Darla's neighbor adopted two of our rescues!)

We really love the new website! Looks great! Looking forward to seeing Katie's litter, wish we were in the market for another pup. VJ would love to have a blue merle. Maybe next time! Daisy is doing great. VJ is teaching her to bird hunt. She does pretty well, knows right what she is supposed to go after. She is so smart. And we love her to death. She is just like our child. It's just unbelieveable that you can fall in love with your pet that way. She's more than just a pet, she's a part of our family. Anyway, take care. I'll try to send some new pics soon (though she hasn't changed too much from the one you have on the site).
Take care,
Jennifer and Daisy

Dear Debby,
Here are some new pictures of Zeke. He's doing great! He got fixed last week and its been hard to keep him quiet. His new talent is rockhound. We had a stone walk put in last week before his surgery and he had to help. He can move flagstone anywhere! If it's too big for his mouth, he can move it with his front paws. If it's too heavy, he howls while he tries it anyway. He just loves to help. He also helps the pool man. He watched him for a while and then got on the top step and started catching leaves in the pool and throwing them out! We have a lot of work for him here!

I wanted to give you an update on our "child".

The ride home: He cried for about 5 minutes after we left your house. Glenda was holding the crate so she opened the door. He stuck his head out and rested it on her and never made another sound. We ended up driving on back to Brunswick arriving at 1:00 a.m. Saturday. When we arrived home we went to Wal-Mart for a collar and a leash so he could be let out safely when we got to the house. He didn't like the collar or the chain leash ~ no massive complaining, just kept trying to get it off.

First time in our house: Nothing really eventful, just was a little nervous about the carpet (the dog was nervous, not me.)I laid on the floor and he comes over sort of creeping along on his stomach and gets as close to me as he can and just lays still. I picked him up and carried him upstairs. He wasn't enthusiastic about getting back in the little crate so we let him stay with us for a few minutes on our bed. The we went ahead and put him back in the crate. He made no sound for the rest of the night. The family McMahon was asleep by 2:00 a.m.

Sat. 6:00 a.m.: He came reluctantly out of his crate, went outside, did his immediate business, came back in for breakfast, went outside again after breakfast, completed the mission (and was highly praised for it>)

The next trip ~ 8:30 a.m. Sat.: The dog thinks we live in a car. We went to PetSmart in Savannah (60 miles from here) and got rid of what excess money I had. He got a new leash~ a retractable~ a harness, 40 lbs. of food, 4 tennis balls in various flavors, a big ball that squeaks, a soft frisbee, a hard frisbee (for later), a stuffed alligator that squeaks (his favorite), a pooper scooper, many opaque plastic bags, a new crate, puppy shampoo, tooth paste and tooth brush, puppy biscuits, a nail trimmer, a pin brush and slicker, and a new food and water bowl. He rode in the cart and was the best looking pup in the whole place, not to mention the best behaved. He just laid down in the child seat and went to sleep. Now that surprised me. As a new parent who worries about everything, I was afraid he might be sick. Shouldn't have worried. He had decided that he had a new home by the time we got back to the house and we played for the rest of the day. I gotta tell you, this dog (?) is the best behaved puppy I have seen in all the dogs I have ever known. He is a treasure to us and I promise you he will be one of the most spoiled children you can imagine.

I will keep you periodically informed as to his progress. We have given him the official name of "Settin' Hearts a Blaze in Kendom". Sounds sort of like the title of a country song. He is called Blaze now ~ a tribute to the mark on his forehead ~ hopefully it will reflect his performance when he gets to the Agility course. He can already outrun me, though I will admit that is not much of an accomplishment in itself. What a doll!!!!
Talk to you later,

PS ~ He decided that licking the outlet covers was a good idea, so back in the car and off to Home Depot for plug covers. Like a very highly mobile 2 year old I have I believe it.


Blaze still doing fine~crate trained (I think), and knows a few tricks~sit and down~and he is still just as pretty as ever. Climbs up and down stairs, can get on the couch by himself and is remarkably well behaved most of the time. He is also getting bigger-quickly. The website looks good ~ I drop in often jost to see what's going on in your neck of the woods.

See you later~Ken

Debby, Here are a couple of pictures of Lucy. She seems very happy in her new home with us. She is learning her obedience training already. We love her a lot! Have a nice holiday.


To whom it may concern,

I had searched and searched the Internet trying to find the best Border Collie breeder. I found Debby's webpage and when I spoke with her on the phone, we spoke for over and hour, I knew she was our breeder!

Tess was still pregnant at the time, but ready to go into labor at any time. I asked Debby to please call me when Tess started having her puppies so that we would know when the new addition to our family was being born. She promised she would. That evening my husband and I went out to dinner for our Anniversary and the phone call came that Tess was having her puppies. We were so happy to get the call. Everyone in the restaurant overheard and they all thought we were adopting a baby and that it was being born while I was on the phone with Debby! People were congratulating us on our new baby. :) It was really funny when we told them that our puppy was being born. Everyone was so happy for us and thought how wonderful to find a breeder that would take the time, at that moment, to make the cal about our new son, "Andy-Versary".

Almost every day after, Debby took the time to email us letting us know how he was doing, and sending us pictures of him as he grew. That reassured us even more that there was no question that we had found the perfect breeder and also a new friend.

The morning after he was born, I drove to DeLand, FL to see my new son. He was 9 hours old. I had a chance to spend some time with Debby and her family and her wonderful Border Collies.

I cannot say enough about this breeder other than, if we ever decide to purchase another Border Collie, we know where to go! :) Thank you Debby, for a wonderful little Border Collie, Andy-Versary, and for all of the love you gave him while he was in your home.


I took Oreo to his first puppy class yesterday and listened to everyone complaining about their dog. I didn't have anything negative to say about Oreo, other than he likes to herd me around when I'm trying to walk which is normal. We don't have any of the chewing, barking, potty-training, howling at night problems that the others have. He has learned Sit, Come, Down and walks very well on a leash. He is very attentive, but it doesn't last too long. He's still a puppy and has the attention span of a 2 yr old. He played some with the little neighbor boy near us. He was scared of his red wagon but by the time we finished going around the neighborhood, he wasn't afraid of it anymore. He didn't want to get run over so he kept an eye on it, but he wasn't afraid. He's growing so fast. I can tell that he's growing!!! He can jump over me when I am lying down on the floor.
I hope that Shine is doing good. How are all the other puppies doing??? Good I hope!
See ya


Shine did just great on the way home, she behaved very well. Stop about every hour and made it without incident.

She met my parrots and aside from jumping on the cage once or twice, she's getting used to them. Think their talking is confusing her.

I can't believe how well she is listening, it's really amazing. We've played fetch in the back yard a hlf dozen times already today, went to petsupermarket together and shopped like girls! Bought her a crate for tonight and then I'll start getting her used to the birds more.

She slept in our room last night, all of us too tired to drive more. I had to wake her up at 7am, expected her to wake me up :)

She really IS a princess. We just love her.

Thank so much.

I think I may buy her a kiddie pool until we can adapt ours to be condusive. More updates to follow.

Shine and family.

(Follow up letter) Hello Debby

Well, yesterday was a first for Shine -- she went for a boat ride, didn't go out to the ocean, just through the intercoastal. She is a natural on the boat! Much to our delight. We were out for about 4 hours including stopping for lunch. She stayed on the boat and behaved beautifully. She has her favorite shady spot already picked out.

While on the boat she greeted our friends at the resturant with very little barking and become friendly fast. The extra commands are helping.

Got some pictures to download when I get back to work, I'll send them your way in a few days. Shines first boating trip.

Shine continues to amaze us with how smart she is. She's inserted herself into our family and is so sweet. I'm forwarding some photos to show how content she is, I'll let the pictures do the talking. She had her 2nd boating trip with 3 other guests on the boat and did wonderful. After a few minutes of barking at the new visitors, she realized they were here for the duration and became friends before long.

Today, she took her first ride in the convertible. With doggy seatbelt, she loved it! After the 2nd trip to the store today, she refused to come out of the car. Finally had to "drag" her out. We are having a blast with her. I can't believe how much fun she can be.

Even Bruce, she's got him wrapped around her pretty eyes.

She's now allowed out in the front yard w/o a leash and does NOT leave the border. Not alone, but with me out there with her. She loves playing ball in both the front and back yard. Actually, I think she is obsessed with her ball you gave us. Never is without it.

Take care,


Hi Debby,

Wanted to give you a quick update on Flash. He's still doing absolutely wonderful. Everyone just loves him. He is amazingly smart and many times "understands" the commands I'm trying to give him even the first time. Of course, since I work from home, we spend lots and lots of time together. He is about 38 pounds these days... looks a little heavier, but that's just his coat. All of his check-ups at the vet have been fine to date. I will be taking him sometime this month or early next to have him fixed.

He has taken up frisbee catching. He is flat out amazing!! At 7 months, I can't imagine what he might be like at 1.5 years old. He already leaps into the air to catch it like he's an old pro.

He sure is an active pup. Always willing to go and usually WANTING to as well.

Will let you know about the next vet visit. They are going to check his hips and teeth while he is under.

In the meantime, visit this web address for the latest pics:


Hi Debby
Man, sounds like you have had a good time over there! Trio looks very nice all clean. She has beautiful eyes. She also has worry lines. When I go away from Minx she gets the lines between her eyes, I call them worry lines. I can't believe everything you went through with Trio. How did she do at the vet?


Casey and Minx spent the day on the patio. It wasn't too hot, great weather here. Always have to wait for cooler weather for Minx, my AC baby, but knew Casey would be ok. They did real well out there. Hopefully they didn't bark or howl, haven't heard any complaints from the neighbors yet.

I think Casey thinks she has died and gone to doggie heaven. She is playing with chew bones. She is so funny. She tosses them, rolls around on her back playing with them. Jumps around. Just looks at the ball though. I have a soft squishy ball and a tennis ball but she couldn't care less about them. Minx, Casey and I played tag again. Took another walk, she still flips out when traffic or people come by. But she's getting better. I got her some medicated shampoo and gave her a bath. After the first 2 jumps she just stood there, I think it must have felt really good to her. After she dried some I brushed her and then put aloe vera on her sides. I've done the aloe vera twice now and I really think it's looking better. She keeps trying to steal the cats food. Everyone has their spot; the cats food is on the floor too. Minx knows not to go there, at least most of the time. I figured Casey would learn, instead of disrupting the cats. Casey is doing pretty good with it too. She is learning NO real well. Twice I caught her with my yard shoes. I traded them for a chew bone. She hasn't had any mistakes in the house. We go out quite a bit. At night she sleeps beside the bed on a rug. Seems to be happy there. Probably pretty comfortable, especially when you think of them sleeping in a crate. By the way, she snores. Aj (cat) is pretty laid back about her. Fluff (cat) still has reservations, but he is skittish too. He's coming around. Minx is a little jealous, but I try to give equal time. I think they'll be best buds before too long. Well hope so anyway!

I hope Tippy settles in at his house. Sounds like it will be a good home for him. I would love to come over for a Dog Reunion. I think that would be fun! Can you imagine all the dogs. Might be a little crazy.
I'm going to talk to my vet to see when they think Casey should be spayed. I have her on her diet but if we wait too long, she might go into heat.

Take care.
(Casey is a RESCUE)

We had a great trip home..he is the best puppy ever!  He was so good the entire way home.  He just slept in between the girls.  When we got about 20 minutes from home he sat up at started was so cute.  We pulled over quick to let him go the bathroom, but he was too shy and wouldn't go.  After about 5 minutes we made the decision that we would try for home and if he didn't make it, it was ok, because he was so good to let us know.  He held it the whole way.  As soon as we got home he ran out and went.  Kevin and I were in shock.  I cannot seriously believe that this 8 week old puppy is potty trained that well and still didn't believe it until about an hour ago. After we fed him, he went to the door and cried again.  Sure enough he ran out into the back yard and went #2.  He's getting the puppy of the year award.  I've called everyone bragging. He played for about an hour with all his toys. He even found  a few sticks that were twice his size, and now he is crashed on his bed. Cali cat is having a bit of an adjustment but it's cute watching the two of them getting used to each other.  The older cat could care less, but Cali is a little more territorial. Jamoca can scoot up about 1 foot away from her now and she just stares at him. He came onto his bed a few minutes ago and fell asleep and Cali came in sniffed him and laid down near him, so I guess that's a good sign.
Thanks for your e-mail regarding Jamoca.  I was going to tell you that I feel like he's more intelligent than me.  He scares me sometimes...the second day here he was taking the round ornaments off the Christmas tree, (yes...sadly mine is still up) and putting them in a basket that sits next to our fireplace with balls in it. It sort of freaked me out at first.  I felt like someone was going to come out of my bedroom door and say "you are on candid camera." I stood there with my head cocking back and forth looking at him. He's so darn cute. He likes to stalk, (I'm not sure of the correct word for it,) the older cat.  She could really care less, but every time she turns around to see what he's doing, he sits and stares at the ceiling.  It is so funny that we have to get it on video.  I think it could win us the $10,000.00 prize on America's Funniest Videos.  He really is a great dog.  He hasn't been pushed in the carriage yet, but it amazes me that he lets Ciara carry him like a baby every where.  And what's really cute is that every night he likes to be craddled before bed. He whines until I pick him up.  Did you hold him before he went to sleep at night? And then pick him up and kiss him in the morning? Ok...I'll let you go.  I could go on for hours about this pup!
Have a great day.
Thank you again.
Darla Darlin

Shadow is doing excellent.  She has become the socialite of the block and is quite well known.  Our neighbors constantly comment on her behavior and are very impressed with how she listens to our voice commands.  Shadow walks leash-free and is usually within a house or 2 from whomever is walking her.  (I walk her mornings and evenings, Bruce scoots home at lunch.) 
For example --- When a car is seen -- we say "Shadow, CAR, down and stay".  At that command, Shadow immediately sits down until the car passes.  Our neighbors see this and can't believe it!  Most people that drive by, see this and then watch in their rear view mirror as they pass Shadow and she waits for my "OK" command to move.  Of course, when this is happening, I continue to walk past her and she stays until I issue the OK command, which comes after the car is beyond her. 
Then, at the end or our morning walk, we have our relay race.  She actually knows -- on your MARK, get SET, GO.  She always wins, but we do a multi-house race and do up to 10 races.  Now, I can't keep up with her so I start to walk backwards while she flies by.  Then when she hits the finish line, I make her come back and do a re-match.  She gets double the running in and I get to call the do overs.
Shadow still loves the water, and gets a good amount of swimming in.  On weekends she's in her "kiddie" pool most of the time.  Her boyfriend down the street has a built in pool, so we tend to go down there for some good exercise.  I have to watch her there because she won't stop until you stop her -- she is tireless.  There's also a lake near by that allows dogs.  She's also been swimming off the boat in the intracoastal and loved it.
I've got some pictures in a digital camera I have not had time to download and get distributed.  As time permits, I'll get some to you.
Her favorite time is still going to the dog park and playing ball.  Shadow is obsessed with long distance ball playing and everyone watches her fly across the park after the tennis balls.  Dogs will "try" to chase her chasing the ball, but they are usually lost in her dust.......  Then there will be those annoying dogs, that get in her way on the return and she looks like a football player dodging them to get a touchdown.  She's quite patient with other dogs, especially when she drops the ball and they take off with it before I can pick it up.  She follows them until they drop it and she scoots off with it. 
Shadow is an integral part of our family and we LOVE her so much!
Take care,
Michele and Shadow.
(Shadow was formerly named Shine)


Blaze is doing very well. He is so smart, whenever he is loose in the house he goes to the door when he needs to go outside. He is so sweet he wants to be with people all the time. He loves to play with the ball. Yesterday I took a frisbee and put it in front of him and he took it away from me. That's very good. Hopefully he will become a good frisbee dog. Talk to you soon.


Hi, Debby.

Keegan is doing very well.  He's happy and playful. Keegan is being better than good.  He's sweet and very smart. He watches you and looks you straight in the eye. We're all in love with him.



Probably could write three pages...but I'll keep it short.
Going home got about 3 yelps from the back of the jeep, then she came over to the backseat, then crawled under the passenger's seat and sat in the passenger's foot area for the ride, periodically chewing on my fingers, or lying down. No problems.

Ate and drank like you hadn't fed her for months...tail wagging a mile a minute.
Slept thru the night; not one whimper. Had to wake her at 7 for the morning routine.
Not sure if she has made another sound since those original 3 whimpers.
Has figured out that my whistle means come, and seems to have learned 'sit'... treats and pats will be forthcoming when you do. She is adorable, well behaved and getting along nicely with wife, daughter and Mattie (the Aussie).

This morning took her with me to Pet Smart to get a collar, some food and treats. Well behaved in the front seat. No drooling at any time in the rides so far....although did seem a little energetic in the ride home from Pet Smart (about 4 mile ride each way).
So far, much better than expected. She seems to be pretty smart and energetic...and a potential "hand full". We really her like markings, temperament and conformance... she has given the "stare" and the hunting stalk to the Aussie several times...and they take turns 'herding'.
Just brought Lilly back from her first vet appointment and 10 weeks' shots.... she passed and was very well behaved. Still no whine, whimpers or barks...just some playful growling with the Aussie. Amazes us with her smarts and demeanor. Almost potties on command, with only 2 'accidents' in the house, and none in her crate.
As I said before, I really suspect she is going to be a handful, going to be one ugly teenager, and going to be a beautiful adult...she plots, schemes and has mastered 'puppy eyes' while sitting... a really, really lethal combination.  So far, so good... she seems to like the house and the room to roam outside. I interpret her lack of whining and barking as signs of contentment.
Thanks so much,
Jay Zee

Hi Debby,

I felt it was important to let you know that we got some terrible news today about Jamoca. He has a cancerous mass on his spleen, that is pretty much inoperable. They can remove the spleen but it will only give him an extra few months to live, so we are opting not to do the surgery.  They expect that he will only survive a couple more weeks at the most.

We are so incredibly sad, and are treating each day we have with him as a gift.  I want you to know that he is the best dog we could have ever hoped to own. He made the last 8 years extra special for us. He was truly a member of our family in every way. We are comforted by our family, friends and neighbors, who loved him as much as we did. Thank you so much for picking the sweetest, smartest, most lovable dog out for us. He will be missed forever.

We brought him home last night and we are truly enjoying every day we have left with him. We let him eat French fries, (a treat for him) and run on the beach last night.  He also got to open his birthday and Christmas presents, a soccer ball and football respectively. Besides his heavy breathing he is good ole Jamoca, so it is making it easier for us. Today we are taking him for frozen custard and a visit with all our neighbors to say goodbye. My youngest daughter has made a list.  Instead of a bucket list we are calling it a BROPPY list, (our nickname for him since he was a puppy.) The list has “fun” things to do if he makes it to another day, and this has helped tremendously. They have only given him two weeks at the most, but we are going to try to defeat those odds. The doctors did tell us that he is a really strong dog.  They knew he would come through surgery fine, but it seemed almost cruel to put him through that for an extra month.

Please keep us in mind for your next litter. I know we are going to be heartbroken when we come home and there is no one to greet us, so I do see us getting another dog soon. Before we got Jamoca, I always wanted a black and white border collie, but now, we have all said that the next dog HAS to be a red merle and a boy.  Do you think your litter will have a red merle in it?

Thanks again for your love and support. I will keep in touch.


(Follow Up, only 2 days later...)

Our baby died this morning at 12:26 am, in our bedroom. He was a sweet, sweet boy and he is going to be deeply missed. I'll be in touch in the coming months inquiring about the puppies. Until then take care and thanks for your support.

Hi Debby,
     Just wanted to give you an update on Parker (formerly Tiki from Jodell and Will). Parker is currently 10 months and making the transition from being a puppy and a dog. Her disposition is amazing and she’s wonderful and completely gentle with children and other dogs. It’s been a pleasure raising her in spite of the chewing phase that she went through when she was teething.
     Parker learns quickly and wants to make us happy so she hasn’t needed any obedience training at all. She learned basic commands like sit, roll over, shake, and lay down in minutes without treats. “Good girl,” seems to be enough to teach her just about anything. She’s Frisbee obsessed and learned to play
fetch naturally and with more conviction than any dog that I have ever seen, but it’s not a neurotic behavior for her like it is for other Border Collies at the dog beach.
     Border Collie owners have commented that she has a “sweeter” expression than most. She’s assertive, but probably the least aggressive dog that I’ve ever seen: she’ll even share her Frisbee and food ball with my friend’s dogs when they come over. My niece and nephew (6 and 2 years old) have tried to carry her around, pull her by her tail, and stick their hands in her mouth and her only reaction is looking totally humiliated.
     From my experience with Parker, the only thing that I would advise someone getting a Border Collie puppy is to make sure that they crate the puppy when they leave. Parker gets scared when I’m gone and she’s not in the crate and she’ll either hide under the couch or chew on the couch when I’m gone. At first it seemed to be cruel to leave her in there, but she really feels more secure and even when I’m home she’ll run into the crate when she’s frightened.
     Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for breeding such a nice dog. I’d recommend you to anyone looking for a Border Collie and I’ll probably be back myself someday for another puppy. If anyone needs a recommendation, feel free to have them contact me.

Hi Debbie,

I just had to write and tell you how wonderfully Buddy has been with Riley. Thier first meeting in our front yard wasn't great but we seperated them for about 1/2 hour and then tried again inside the house and it was perfect. Today they are best friends with Buddy looking out for Riley.  Buddy makes sure Riley knows who's boss but not in an agressive way.  Riley is like Buddy's shadow so training him has been a dream.  He is perfectly crate trained and waits patiently until we get up and take him out, the key was putting his cage close to Buddy's.  He sits and has a terrific recall.  You were right that Riley is impossible to photograph because he is always on the move!  As soon as I can get a picture of the two of them I will send it.
Thanks so much for making our home complete with two beautiful Border Collies! 

Hi Debby:
Timmy is great. 
I've had lots of dogs growing up, (we usually had at
least 3 in the house at all times) and he is by far the best. He's incredibly smart (of course) but more than that he is very intuitive. It's like he knows exactly what I'm saying to him. Even if I'm trying to show him something new, he usually picks up exactly what I mean very quickly. He's also incredibly loyal and he's really affectionate. In your original description of him, you said that he liked to be held and cuddled. That hasn't changed at all. He loves to be petted and rubbed always. We really love him a lot and couldn't imagine life without him. That's why we do so much with him. Here is a picture from a fishing trip we took with Timmy in Marco Island. In this photo, he's stretching his legs on the beach a little. He likes to play for awhile on the beach after we've been fishing for a few hours. It was taken in March. Timmy is doing very well. He's a little over 60lbs, and very strong. He's still very active, and I take him to the park every day during lunch to play fetch on the baseball fields. We also fetch in the morning and at night in the back yard. He never lets me forget to do it! He met another very fast, well trained Police dog the other day, and they were racing each other to see who could fetch the ball first. It was lots of fun. He also had his first camping trip with us in March in the 10,000 islands. He did very well sleeping in the tent, but he did hog most of the air mattress. We have
to work on that one.

Hey Debby,

We've been busy but I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Daisy is getting along. She's doing great! She slept most of the way home yesterday and was apprehensive of her new home at first, but has settled in better today. And she seems to be taking to us very well. She is a good listener (most of the time) and very smart. She was already identifying some of her toys by name last night. And she is going outside good too. No messes in the house so far. We don't anticipate any either. She has been having to adjust to going in the yard all the time as we have not put any paper down for her at all. She has been napping quite a bit too as this is all a big change for her. She needs her rest. She did excellent last night in the crate. She only cried for a little while (maybe and hour) and then was quiet for the rest of the night. Vince didn't sleep too well though. He wanted to make sure she was going to be okay, not hurt herself or anything.

We tok her to PetSmart, her first big outing. She did pretty well, just a little nervous. I can definitely see that it will be important to socialize her as you mentioned. She seems as though she will be quite devoted to us (although I know part of that is because this is all so new for her.) We signed her up for puppy preschool. And we are teaching her the bounaries of the yard. She is still recognizing the cement sidewalk as a no no, like you had been doing with her. It doesn't take long for her to learn.

Plus we are having a ball. She is so much fun. She already knows her bin of toys and drags them out regularly. Sometimes we will put them away just to watch her drag them out. It's so cute. Plus Vince made her a doggie pillow to lay on in the family room and she really loves it.

We made a little test run of putting her in the crate and leaving the house. We went to dinner and were gone for about an hour. She did really well. In fact, she didn't really even seem like she wanted to come out when we came home.

Well, that's about all for now (actually that's quite a bit for only one day!) Talk with you again soon.


I am sending pictures of Andy to you tomorrow. They have been in my truck over a week ready to go but I keep forgetting. I know you will love the one picture of Andy and feel free to put it on your website.

His agility work is coming along well. He is getting quite good at the weave poles. I was going to enroll him in a class on Wednesday but now that my schedule has changed, I will have to wait. I just really want to have access to good equipment instead of my homemade stuff.

Your website is awesome! Did you set it up by yourself? I bet you are getting excited about Tess' upcoming litter.

Sorry it has taken me so long but I am going to mail the pictures tomorrow, I promise.

take care,

Hi Debby!
I want to let you know that everything is fine with Butch, who is almost a year old. He is well behaved and obeys every command without having to shout at him. Whatever he wants, he lets you know by thomping his nose, but never barks. He is almost human. He never annoys the neighbors and he is very friendly, sometimes too much. He could be easily stolen. This dog has good character. He needs a lot of petting but it's part of the deal.

I'd recommend you to anyone who wants a Border Collie.

Claude Daoust

Dear Debby,
I will send you some pictures of our babies. I can't believe that Magpie is growing so fast. I swear she grows every day. I couldn't ask for a sweeter dog. I bring her to work with me a couple of times a week. She loves her other dogs and kitties. She has a buddy kitty her age that she plays with and sleeps with. They are so sweet.

Tess is doing very, very well. PHIL WAS A GOOD MATCH FOR HER. It helped with his empty nest syndrome. He adores her! She has slimmed down and is very active. We haven't brought Magpie around her yet because we wanted to break the nursing thing first.

Talk to you soon,
Melinda Waters

Skye is doing great! She's so sweet & smart. She's had many new experiences the last few days. She is well toward being house trained. She goes by the front door when she has to go out & sometimes lets us know verbally. She sleeps through the night, from about 10:30-6 (we love that).

Thanks for a great dog!
We'll send you more updates & pictures.
Wendy & Jamie Lantz

Hi there!

Flash has just about fully adjusted to his new home. I think he's grown since I got him. He knows how to fetch a tennis ball and the commands sit and come. I can actually use a hand signal only to get him to sit. He's really, really smart!!

We just got back from the vet for his second round of shots.
So I have a sleepy puppy on my hands right now.
Everybody just loves his color.

I'll be sure to send pictures soon. I haven't even
been working that much as I've tried to spend as much
time with him as possible. He's just great!


Hi Debby,

Sorry it has taken so long to get back with you, but as you can imagine we have been extremely busy with our move to Nashville, Tennessee. We have been here a week and a half and we absolutely love it. Archer is having the time of his life. He loves the hills and trails and has a new habit of picking up twigs and sticks and carrying them with him as he goes. He did great on the car ride here, along with our cat. We drove through the night and they both slept almost the whole way through. As Ronnie probably told you, Archer had an opportunity to see Andy before we left. They had a great time at the park. Andy is beautiful.

Archer is about 35 pounds and very solid and healthy. He is so cute and everybody that sees him loves him. His hair is really coming in and is quite thick but very soft and shiny. He has beautiful light brown eyes that many people comment on. One of his other favorite things to do now is to hug you. He will jump up and put his paws around your shoulders. He is very long. He loves to give kisses, even to the cat. He's just a joy that always puts a smile on our face.

They have great nature and parks here. There is a huge 1000-acre park about ten minutes from our home that we have been too now twice. There are paved trails and hills and amazing fresh-water streams that Archer has been playing and frolicking in. I'll include some pictures.

We are having a great time and wanted to let you know. We'll keep in better touch now that we are getting more settled.

Archer says hi to you all and Shine!

Laura, Steve, and Archer


Ringo currently has an appointment on the 19th with our vet to be neutered. He is doing great he is gotten pretty big probably close to 35 pounds. He is a very sweet and affectionate dog, he is pretty smart and sensitive. He likes to play fetch, knows the commands:come,sit,stay,shake,roll over,lay down,go to the kennel and that'll do when it is time to move on to something else. He is still a little frisky but primarily when he is with his boy Drake, he plays well not aggressively and has a very good temperament and disposition he loves familiar people but will bark at strangers a quality we love. While he will bark at strangers he is no threat to do anything else at this point he basically runs around nervously barking if something isn't right in his opinion. That is pretty good from a watchdog standpoint. He loves his family and is great with the kids and we all love him; well maybe not Fitzgerald the family cat, Ringo thinks the cat is fun to play with, the feeling is definitely not mutual. He thinks the cat's pawing is a form of play so he paws back like a cat, he is much slower than Fitz and gets the worst of it. Fitz is de-clawed so that's why Ringo thinks it's a game otherwise he would have learned a lesson long ago. All in all they live well together. I have some pictures but can't send them right now because of a computer situation but will send them very soon.

Talk to you soon

Hi Debby,

We decided to re-name Tippy, since he didn't seem to know his name and we've already had two Tippy's. So his name is now "Kip," and he's getting the hang of it. He really is a great dog; we've been walking him every 30-45 minutes or when he goes to the door, and so far today no accidents... I think part of the problem may have been when my mother lived here; her dogs wet anywhere, any time, so the odor is still probably around.  But I think he's starting to figure it out. I'm dropping him off at the vet tomorrow afternoon for all his shots, heartworm and other worm checks, plus the neutering.  He needs it! We got him a toy that he seems to really enjoy, and he had a good time playing with a tennis ball. I took a couple of pictures of him that I'll send later; I have to upload them at work.  And the bath went well. I think he liked it. Once he settles down and learns to trust us, he'll be super.  So far he loves the kids (including our daughter, who's 13).  He's been eating really well too, which I think is a good sign for a Border Collie.  He's shown us part of his playful side, so I know he's going to be fun.  And of course it's obvious he's smart too.  He's scared to death of cars, which I guess is good; but I'm not real sure how to get him used to walking on the sidewalk, where they go by pretty close.  He doesn't want to go near them!  But he liked riding in the van.  Take it slow, I suppose.


Good luck with Trio, I'm confident she'll come around eventually.  You'll just probably end up having to keep her.  Which might not be a bad thing! She's a real beauty.


We'll keep you posted,


(Kip is a RESCUE)

(follow-up letter)

Kip continues to flourish. I took him up to Ormond-by-the-Sea for a long beach run, and he had a blast! I ran 7 miles, and he probably ran 9 or 10--there were no people, so I let him off the lead and he would run after the birds, sniff around, then catch up to me a couple of hundred yards later. (I wanted to see what he could do, you know?) When it began to get dark, he stuck right by me--what a great dog! He had no desire to go up by A-1-A, and even when there were a couple of fishermen he just sort of looked at them as we jogged by. He's brilliant, fast as a cheetah, and agile as well--he turns on a dime at full speed. I'm glad we have a big yard for him to play in, but I feel his talents are wasted. He should be herding sheep--I think he'd be great at it. Wow, I just can't say enough about him--he has the best personality, so sweet and loving and loyal. Plus he's playful, he just loves to fool around with our other two dogs. (And they think he's a great "kid"). Thanks again for making the trip to get all of them, we all love Kip! He's a really special dog. I hope we can bring him by soon for a visit, I'm sure he'd like so see some of his former "cellmates". Take care Debby, God bless you for saving all of those dogs.


(Kip is a RESCUE)

Hey!  Riley (Jewel) is doing great!  She is doing just fine here, and she is already potty trained!  She is such a sweet and smart dog, I just love her.  She is eating and sleeping well. I am still thinking about her "long name", and I will be sending the $23 for her registration soon.


Dear Debby,
Patches is even more wonderful than I had hoped - and I wouldn't have made the trip if I didn't think she was special!
She sat next to me all the way home, looking at me. A couple of times she lay down on the seat, but sat up again soon - then she'd watch me until her head drooped.
We have a new name for her, which is Corrie. A friend of my son said she should be called Courage the Cowardly. The name Currie seemed all right; but Corrie fits better for some reason.....I think I could call her skunk cabbage and she'd come running.
She really does have courage, she's fearful for good reasons, and I hope sooner or later she'll understand that none of that stuff applies in this house. She'll never be treated unkindly here for one second.
She goes in and out of her crate all day, wanting to be in on the action, but liking security too. She's less stressed by commotion than I expected, and was actually happy to meet my husband and children. She went right up to them and let them pat her.
Our cats - creatures of the night - scare her half to death. One of them hissed at her this morning and she practically jumped out of her skin. They're matching black cats who make a habit of ganging up on dogs. A visiting dog recently got backed into a closet by those two.
After a while they'll all probably ignore each other.
Time to take her for a walk. It would be easy for her to yank the leash out of my hand if something scared her, so I've been taking extra care to hold on securely, tho most of the time she walks without any conflict at all.
Thank you so much. I'll send a picture when I get one.
Regards, Sara
(Patches is a RESCUE)

Follow-Up letter...
Our little Corrie is a darling. She is learning to be friends with the other dogs in our neighborhood, and will actually play with them for a few minutes at a time. She approaches strangers now, looking for pats - though the tail is still tucked under. She obeys me instantly, a whistle or a call, except occasionally when she's on the trail of something extra special. She almost snagged herself a skunk a few weeks ago - a near miss - thank goodness for her sweet, biddable obedient nature! Yesterday we were outside doing yardwork when Shindy, our next-door dog, barked a hello. Instead of saying hello or running over, Corrie grabbed my sweatshirt, then trotted back and forth with it, as if to say, all this here is mine. Then she threw the thing in the air a few times.
Everybody who meets Corrie just loves her. Thank you so much for letting us adopt her.
(Patches is a RESCUE)

Sport is doing great. He is very, very smart! He sits, stays, lays, walks on a leash, shakes, also many other commands. We love him to death! He has had all of his shots and regular vet check ups, and in 2 weeks, gets his neutering.
What do I need to do to register him?
Thank you,

Hey Deb, Lucy is a hoot! She is very relaxed - and not so much a terror, but curious! She is very funny. She loves her crate. That is a blessing...THANK YOU! She slept the entire night - and we have had no accidents! She is very good about going out - and loves to run and romp in the grass that is dewy. She rolled and romped for a good while.

All is well with her - and she likes me - and Mom and Dad. And all of her visitors that came to play last night and meet her! She is adjusting just fine - and I love her to death! She is going to be a great dog. She already is pretty good at fetching - bringing me the tennis ball back. She realized she could pick it up - that was fun.

She follows me everywhere - and if I don't talk to her, she just lays down right next to me. It couldn't be any better! The new gate should be installed this week - and then I can leave her out for a few minutes longer - because she loves to romp - and sneak up on plants!

Have no worries about this one, she is too cute - and precious. She is sooo tiny compared to what my mind thought after seeing the pictures. She is a doll!

AND she definitely knows her name!

Thanks again. She is awesome!


(Follow-Up letter)

Hey Debby,

I just went home during lunch - took an hour - ate - and played with Lucy. She is a doll. She isn't terrorizing anything - and when she is tired - or doesn't want to play - she just lays down.

She likes the new food - and loves water! Geez. All she does is drink water and go pee!

I have to say you do a great job of training and socializing them. The potty training and crate issues have been very easy so far. She is quite content in her new home - and she seems to like me - follows me around - and wags her tail when I give her kisses. She is so precious. She has sad eyes sometimes, and I just laugh at her!

I will take some pictures this weekend - and send them via snail mail, but she is absolutely great. Everyone loves her - and can't believe how sweet and relaxed she is.

Thank you again.

Coco is practicly ok for the training and she understand sit, down, and begin to give the paw.....
Fidji (boyfriend's dog) is already ok for that and she also stop and walk without leach.
 They are nice except when they are alone for the moment we should put coco in the bathroom and fidji in a cage when we are not at home because each time when we let them in the apartment it is an amazing mess.
We don t have kids and it is not planed but coco love to play with them in the park fidji too but she is so high the children are afraid :( but she is gentler than coco with them! Coco love also every people and dog in the park. She is good, she come back when I call her.
Have a good day
(Betsy is from Paris and speaks French and only broken English)

Hi, I just wanted to let you know Nitro is doing great. He just had his last set of shots on his 14 week birthday. Him and my grandmothers dog get along so good, they are best buds and are just about inseparable. He is getting big fast, 14.5 pounds now and healthy. I just wanted to say thank you for such a great pup. Keep up the good work!


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