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Do you want a male or a female pup?
Is there a specific reason?
Let me enlighten you!

Let me guess... You think females make better dogs. Why? You think male dogs all "hump" things. You think males pee on everything. Do you think they wander more and females stay home? Females are more family oriented, you say? Females are much easier to train, more protective, make better watchdogs...etc.
Now, please allow me to enlighten you...
I remember when I was a kid of 13, my mother purchased a chihuahua terrier mix for herself. She was told that she should get a female because they were much better dogs and fed her all the "crap" mentioned above...
Back in years past spay and neuter wasn't practiced very much. Homes were spread out more and most dogs and cats just ran loose. Farmers and breeders, not wanting to get stuck with females (because a male couldn't produce puppies or kittens on their farm) would tell people that the females were much better dogs for pets. They didn't want to get "stuck" with the "litter producers". They would much rather get stuck with a male than a female. And so these untruths were spread and are still believed by many people today.
So, let me clear up some of these misconceptions and Old Wive's Tales you have believed for years...
To a certain extent and for the most part, regarding the smaller breeds of dogs, those are indeed facts. Unneutered males will often be leg or toy humpers and may pee on anything, including your leg! I know this is a fact as it has happened to me personally by a black Pug dog. I have seen some very gross male dogs. My girlfriend's Boston Terrier is the biggest pig I ever met. So, yes, some of the smaller dogs can be a bit "crude". Small dogs are more difficult to housebreak too. In well over a decade, I have yet to have any of my males hump anything other than a female in heat, and that is unneutered, breeding, mature males!
Smaller dogs are often carried around throughout their lives, and a lot of people have an aversion to the penis being right there. I fully understand that. However, border collies aren't carried as a general rule so this is not a reason to want a female in this breed.
Male BCs will occasionally engage in a fight with another uncut male, however, neutered males make excellent companions to other dogs and people and are much less likely to engage in battle. Female BCs, on the other hand, are always game to fight with any other female, spayed or not. They can be very aggressive (not with their family, but with other female dogs.) They seem to always be looking for trouble. They pretty much all want to be the alpha dog, even over some males. There are exceptions. I don't want to insult those that have well behaved females. I am speaking in general and there are exceptions to every rule. I congratulate you for properly training and handling your girls. Some females are awesome, but a lot of females will have these characteristics.
Males do lift their leg to pee for the most part. Some neutered males never learn the habit if neutered before maturity, though that can be problematical in it's own way. That's another story. Anyway, the males, believe it or not, are usually (there are always exceptions) easier to housebreak. Yup! It's true! It's possible that their plumbing is different, endowing them with more control. Maybe they have bigger bladders in case they need to mark trees and stuff when they get mature. Males also very rarely suffer from nervous "leaking", which is very common in females.
As far as temperament goes... You can't beat a male BC for a companion dog. They are generally calmer, and much easier going than the females. I like my males. I'd have my kennel full of nothing but males if a breeding program could work that way. Females can be very antsy, overactive, and squirrely, whereas the males will often be content to lay by your side or at your feet. Of course, their training has much to do with this also!!!
Females do tend to be smaller and faster than the males. Agility and frisbee people seem to "prefer" the smaller faster females. A dog with a job to do must meet the job requirements. However, there are many males out there doing these sports and winning, so, again, there are always exceptions.
Temperament as far as protection and guarding... Well, for the most part, the females seem to bark more as they are usually wired differently than the males... (Okay, guys, no smart remarks about that one!) Males will bark and they will protect. They are very devoted pets. However, they will bark when necessary, but usually start at a later age than the females do. Females seem to mature quicker, (just like in people LOL), but are much less silly so it's barely noticeable.
Male BCs do not wander off any more than females. If neutered, they almost never get the urge to wander off. My alpha bitch here has started taking all of my dogs off down the power line trail every time I let her out. They don't go there alone. They are a neutered male rescue, a breeding stud dog, and two yearling females. They just follow her off the property! When she's not out there, they all stay home. I do think spaying and neutering will cut out a lot of the wandering desire in both males and females.
Okay, now here's the negative part. At around a year old or a couple months either way...usually around 14 months of age, a male that has been spoiled and allowed to dominate his family will go through his rebellious "teen" period and may start to nip at children, strangers, and anything moving quickly or making noise such as moving wheels, like bicycles, kid's toys, motorcycles, cars, trucks and children playing.
One of my pups lived beside a golf course and would attack anyone who hit a ball. He bit several people and the last one was fairly severed. She called me sobbing telling me that she was going to have to put him down and wanted to know if I wanted him back first. I told her to bring him back. He was neutered and very well bred from two very nice parents. He wasn't bred to be that way. She brought him to me and I put him through, what I call, "Doggie Boot Camp". Two weeks later, he was a changed dog. There are no bad dogs, only bad trainers. These dogs will require firm handling and should never be allowed to dominate any human being. I had told his owner repeatedly to discipline him and use strong corrections when he showed his teeth, snapped or attacked anyone. She was too soft with him and he became alpha! That is NOT a good thing! She is now a mother of two very young children. She still has him and he has not made any attempts to hurt the children or anyone else since he left here. When she saw the difference in him, she learned to be firm.
NEVER attempt to make a Border Collie "mean". It will ruin the dog, male or female, neutered or spayed. Females can be nippy also, it's bred into the BC breed, however, I've gotten more males in rescue due to nipping issues. IF you persist through that period in their lives, (it can last up to 4 months), but once they learn you are the boss, he will be the best dog you ever had. Some dogs never go through this, in fact I would say the majority of them don't, however, it is worth mentioning as it can be a serious issue if handled incorrectly. I still think the males make much better pets on the whole.
Well, that's the truth in my humble opinion. In small dogs, I would definitely stick with females. They DO make better pets than the males. However, in the Border Collie breed, I will always recommend a male over a female for a family pet. I've had many years of experience with this breed and this is the truth, not fiction.
Please know, I am not saying females are bad and not worth having. Females can make wonderful pets and I have many, many happy families with my female BCs. I just think it's time somebody stands up for the males, because they are not the horrible beasts most people have been brainwashed to believe they are. In the BC breed the males have a lot of merit. They make excellent pets, so don't believe the hype. Choose your next puppy with an open mind. See which one grabs at your heartstrings, regardless of the sex. Make your choice unbiasedly. The males are truly wonderful and should not be descriminated against for their sex.
Thank you for reading this, and whatever you decide, I hope you will enjoy a long happy life with your new family member, regardless of which sex your puppy turns out to be. And remember, I am always available to help and answer questions, no matter what time, day or night, 7 days a week.
God Bless America!
Please Pray for our Troops!