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Rebel is a red and white male. He has a few red freckles on his nose and legs. He has a very heavy coat and huge full tail. He is only 9 months old and has an extraordinary coat for his age. He has a lovely temperament and is a very easy going dog. Jamee, my daughter, and Rebel are great friends. He is Jamee's dog. Rebel loves attention and likes to sit with his head on Jamee's lap. They like to "pal around together" on our property and he follows her around as she putters around our property. Rebel is a very sweet tempered dog.
His sire is OFA excellent and his dam is OFA good. They both CERF eye tested normal. Rebel eye tested normal. His dam was 9 years old and had no cateract on her eyes at all, very unusual for a dog of her age!  Rebel should be a very sound dog.
Rebel was entered into an AKC Fun Match Show at 8 months of age. Jamee got second place in Jr. Showmanship and Rebel took 3 first place ribbons in conformation. This was a very exciting day for Jamee. Rebel was very calm throughout the day and took it all in stride.
We just tried Rebel on sheep. He "turned on" after his second introduction to the sheep. He is very agile and loves to jump. He could become a great agility prospect. Rebel is a dog with much potential. He would make a great service or assist dog because of his mild temperament. He would also be a great family pet. He loads and rides well in the car, he's housebroken, walks well on a leash, comes when called and sits on command. He is crate and kennel trained and "goes to bed" when told to.

Registered ABCA & AKC.
These photos of Rebel were taken at about 5 1/2 months old, two days after we got him.





Rebel has very unusual grey-green (hazel) eyes. He is very striking.


Here are some photos of Rebel at 8 months old. His coat has almost doubled in length, his tail is really filling out and he has a wavy coat. He is still sweet as ever. He plays with our large neutered male rescue dog and also with our puppies. He likes to fetch sticks. But his favorite thing is just to have his ears scratched.



Jamee & Rebel after fun match. 3 firsts and a second. Francey & Shine with first place ribbon.

Jamee and Rebel taking a break during conformation classes.

Rebel has all of his shots current for a year. He is on heartworm preventive. He is on high quality dog food and has been well cared for. His eyes have been tested and they are normal. He is a very healthy dog. He has not been neutered. He is well bred from working and show lines.
Rebel is my daughter's dog,  and as much as she loves him, she wants a pup from Australia and we cannot afford him unless we sell Rebel. We are asking $750 for Rebel. Please do not contact us unless you are seriously interested and can provide a good home for him. This is hard on Jamee. We would prefer him going to a home that will send us updates on him occasionally.

This page last updated 5-16-02.