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This is Shine. She is a Katie x Lotto pup from the 2001 litter. She is our first blue merle and a real pride to own. She is extremely intelligent and willing to learn. By 8 weeks she was already fetching like a pro. She is keen to sheep and shows tons of eye, crouch and style. We are training her for herding and trialing. We are very impressed with this little girl!
Shine was put to sheep at 14 weeks old. She was fearless and assertive and effortlessly controlled 5 ewes and 1 ram. She gained the respect of the sheep immediately and was not afraid to grip. She is very impressve in her movement, style and command over the flock. She has so much to learn, but shows much promise. We have very high hopes for her.

"Shine" got her name from the "shiner" under her left eye. It was very visible when she was born, and she was named moments after her birth. My daughter wanted to name her "Rain". Her registered name is "Debby's Rain or Shine Dogge". That made my daughter happy, but we still call her "Shine".


Shine at 24 hours old.


Shine at 2.5 weeks old. First Christmas.


Shine at 5 weeks old. First trip outside.


Shine at 14 weeks leaping into a lake after a ball. She had never seen a lake before and was totally fearless. She even likes to swim underwater and looks like a spotted otter!


Shine at 4 months old meeting Lotto, her sire.


Shine's sire.
Call Me Instant Payoff, aka "Lotto".


Who wouldn't love this face? 9 weeks old.
Her spotted little nose has filled in and is completely black now.


This is Shine at her first sheepdog herding event. She was very interested in the sheep, as you can see. 9.5 weeks old.


Shine at 10 weeks chasing bubbles with our cat, d'Artagnan. She got quite good at catching them.


Look for Shine's first litter in 2003. Before we breed her we will be training her on sheep. Watch for updates on her progress. She is doing extremely well. She is a very talented youngster with great style, lots of eye and crouch and she is very keen to work. She is a very impressive little girl!
The photo above is at 14 weeks of age. Shine's first time on sheep.


Shine's dam.
This is our sweet and lovely Katie. She was one week from whelping Shine's litter when this photo was taken.

Look for Shine's pedigree on our Pedigree page.