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On May 18, 2003, Katie produced a lovely litter of 8 pups by Pierce.


Sire (pictured on right) actively competes in frisbee competitions and trains in agility and herding. His pedigree traces to Gilchrist's Spot, Dryden Dave, and Fortune's Glen. Hips Pre-limed Good. PIERCE IS ALSO THE SIRE OF BRECK'S UPCOMING LITTER!! Dam (pictured on left) is a working farm dog with #Dryden Joe, Griz, Hank and ##Wisp in her bloodline. Hips OFA Good. Both dogs are of great temperaments. These pups are very toy driven. They are already catching and retrieving rollers, love playing tug, and have started trying to herd our sheep. These pups have enough drive to do anything! Frisbee, Flyball, Agility, Herding, etc. Active or working homes appreciated. Potential Buyers carefully screened.


SOLD ~ Stud owner pick ~ "RIP CURL BRETT"
Going to Jacksonville, Florida
Puppy #1 was born promptly at 7:00 p.m. and was 15 oz. This is a male. He is dark colored with a white design on his neck resembling the RipCurl surfing logo. He has no collar. His front legs and back toes are white. He has a tiny white tail tip and a beautiful blaze. He is going to be large size. He is a "thinker". He is medium to heavy coated. He looks just like his sire! Rip will be a frisbee dog just like his dad! He is very toy driven, active, and already in training!
Going to Naples, Florida
Puppy #2 was born at 7:22 p.m. and was 15 oz. This is a female. She is Tricolor with a full wide collar. She has a lovely narrow blaze that goes all the way to her forhead and a full white even muzzle. There is a beauty mark on her nose. Her front legs, back feet and tail tip are white and she has freckles. This little girl is marked beautifully! Her markings are perfect and symetrical. She is a very sweet and sensitive pup and will require socializing! She prefered not to be held as a little pup and liked to stand on her own two feet but is getting more cuddly as she gets older and is becoming very friendly. She would make a great working dog, companion dog or therapy dog. Chloe will be a small to medium size. She is very heavy coated and very beautiful.  She's going to be drop dead gorgeous when she matures!
Going to Oviedo, Florida
Puppy #4 was born at 7:39 pm. and was 12 oz. This is a female. She is B/W with a skinny blaze and a tiny bit of white on her nose. Her collar gets very thin on the R side. Her front legs have white socks and her rear toes are white. My daughter named her Split because her blaze is so straight on one side, it looked like she would have been a split face if she had more white. Her name can be changed by her new owners. She's a very pretty puppy with symetrical markings. She has a fairly easy going temperament but can get fiesty at times. She's quite pretty and should be a medium sized female. She likes to snuggle and reminds me a lot of Pip in her actions, size and style. She would make a great frisbee or agility prospect! She will be medium coated. This little girl is very pretty and very sweet.
Staying in Eustis, Florida
Puppy #5 was born at 7:54 p.m. and was 14 oz. This is a female. She is B/W and her collar is wide. On the R side of her collar she has a black "V" in the white. She was the #5 pup, and V is the Roman numeral for the number 5...thus her name. She has a pretty blaze but it's not a long one. Her R front leg is white and her L front leg has a white sock. This also is a very fiesty girl that is extremely loveable. She is medium sized and beautiful. She is getting very friendly and likes attention. This kid loves to play in the water, and no bowl is safe from her. She's a mess! She and Pip are buddies and are always together. She will be quite heavy coated. Vee gets prettier every day.
SOLD ~ Breeder Pick ~ "PIP" short for "Pipsqueek"
Staying in Eustis, Florida
Puppy #6 was born at 8:26 p.m. and was 12 oz. This is a female. She is a blue/white and has no blaze at all. She has a nice full diamond shaped collar, an adorable white chin, front socks and rear toes. She has a tiny bit of white on her tail tip. This is a very small female that reminds me a bit of a Pomeranian, with her tiny black face and prick ears. She is quite precocious and goes where she will! She is very friendly, outgoing, feisty and playful. She's got a tail that's always in hyperdrive! She has recently become very interested in sheep and will sit and watch them for a long time. She has gone one on one with my young Spanish Boer goat doe. She has a very strong herding drive and even tries to herd my horse! Very, very sweet and fearless little puppy. She will be a small female with a medium coat. 
Going to Casselberry, Florida
Puppy #7 was born at 9:21 p.m. and was the largest of the litter weighing in at 16 oz. This puppy is a male. We have started calling him Dennis, for "Dennis the Menace". He's got the cutest freckles on his face. He is also very curious and likes to check things out. His name can be changed by his new owner. He is no longer the largest pup and has been passed in size by several of his littermates. He has a beautiful wide collar which goes down to totally white front legs and chest. He has an unusual wiggly blaze which is really cute. He has freckles on his nose and toes. He is feisty and doesn't like being picked on by the larger puppies. He will stand his ground when he needs to. He has a sweet temperament, loves attention and begs to be petted. He is sensitive and would do very nicely with some classes for socializing. Very cute, nicely marked pup. He will be a medium sized dog with a medium to heavy coat. Look at that face!
Going to Apopka, Florida
Puppy #8 was born at 10:10 p.m. and was 12 oz. This guy has very nice markings. He is sweet and loveable. He likes to play with his brother, #7. He has a very pretty blaze which is long and straight with a little white on the sides of his nose, but not much beyond that.  He has nice even markings. This, also, should be a small to medium sized male. Very pretty puppy. He likes attention when he's not too busy playing. He has a medium to heavy coat. I have gotten raves from his new family!
Going to Orlando, Florida
Puppy #9 was born at 10:11 p.m. and was 11 oz. This is a female pup. She is B/W with a full narrow collar in a zig zag pattern. It's very pretty and unusual. She has a nice wide symetrical blaze on her face. She has a full stocking on her front R leg and a sock on her front L leg. Her rear feet are white. This little girl was born with a curl in her tail. It could have happened at birth by getting stepped on, or it could have happend in utero by curling around a leg or something. It does not affect her mobility. She is loveable, likes giving kisses, and wags her tail just fine (while licking your entire face!) She should be medium sized. She will be heavy coated and once she gets in her full coat, her curly tail should not be visible at all. She is a very sweet puppy that is very tolerant of abuse from the other puppies and children. She doesn't fight back right away and has a lot of patience. She is very active, loves chasing her mom while she's herding sheep and is just a very busy pup.

Look at these adorable kids! 

Aren't they just too adorable???

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