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On May 12, Corrie produced a lovely litter of 5 puppies by Sam.
~ 2 Males * 3 Females ~


These puppies are extremely well bred from well known working and trial dogs. Corrie's pedigree is listed on our Pedigree page. She has an impressive pedigree. Sam's pedigree is listed on the top half of our Breck's pedigree as he is her sire.See more photos and information of Corrie. She has her own page on this website. See photos of their puppies below. These puppies are registered with the ABCA. They have great temperaments! This was Corrie's first litter. We are very pleased with the quality of this litter. They have awesome temperaments!


Going to Miami Springs, Florida
Puppy #1 is a black and white male. He is very nicely marked. His markings are very symetrical and even. He has a nice wide collar that goes down into white front legs. He has white back feet and half of his tail is white. He is a sweet pup that likes attention. He plays well with the other pups and likes to follow me around wherever I go. He is curious about everything. He will be a great companion dog. He's going to be a fairly good sized dog and should have a nice rough coat.
Going to Miami, Florida
Puppy #2 Gorgeous sable male pup. This pup is marked with the old style sable markings that were very popular in the 20s-50s. This color was replaced by the more popular and recognized black and white markings of today. He has very little white on him and has no collar, just a spash of white on the back of his neck. He has one white front leg and white toes on the rest. He has a small but nicely shaped blaze/muzzle combination. This puppy is very active, loves to chew and bite at anything that moves. He is going to be a big boy and is the biggest pup right now. He is very sweet and quite fearless. He listens well, but will need to find an avenue for his energy. His owner wants to teach him to play frisbee, which should be a perfect outlet for him.
Going to Palm Bay, Florida
Puppy #3 is a lovely little tricolor female. She is nicely marked with a wide collar and a wide blaze. She has white legs and a white tip on her tail. She will have some tan on her cheeks, under her tail and a little bit on her rear legs. She is a precocious little girl and likes to adventure about. She holds her own in a wrestling match and loves to antagonize her littermates. She will play with almost anything and likes to chase a frisbee or ball. She will have a nice rough coat but is looking rather gangly right now. She is very sweet and likes to spend time with people. She also, likes to follow me around.
Gypsy is going to Wesley Chapel, Florida
Puppy #4 is a gorgeous black and white female. She has nice even markings and a very pretty blaze. My daughter picked her for herself, however, I decided I really don't need an extra female about the place. So we have agreed to give her up. Gypsy is very loveable, and doesn't mind being carried around. She is curious, playful and lots of fun! She will have a rough coat and should be a beautiful dog when she matures. She is precocious and climbs out of her pen with ease. She is almost housebroken, as are most of the pups now. She is just a very sweet puppy. She would be a good frisbee dog and likes to play with the frisbee. She also likes to play tug-of-war. She likes to stare at the sheep and follow me around. She is a special pup.
~ "LUCY"
Going to Vero Beach, Florida
Puppy #5 is a large black and white female with lots of white. She is a very flashy puppy. Lucy is a character. She is outgoing, silly and lots of fun. She loves attention, likes following me around, knows her name and has been spanked a time or two for wandering off. She is very smart and learns quickly. She is just precious, however, and should make a really neat companion pup. She and Sadie are usually partners in crime and they tend to hang out together. Her new mom can't wait to get her home.

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