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Brandy is an average-small size, white factored, dark red tricolor bitch with a white face, prick ears, nice fluffy tail and one blue eye. She is a gorgeous rough coated girl with excellent bloodlines. She has had her hips x-rayed and should OFA excellent or good.
She has an unusual cowlick on her face like I've never seen before. The hair grows in a ridge down the middle of her face and nose, rather like the back of a ridgeback dog. It is very unique and is on her face and nose only. It's very interesting and seems to be a dominant characteristic as I have found some of her littermates have it. I am currently trying to track it's origin.
She came to us with the name of Claire, which we felt was too close to Corrie's name, and it did not fit her anyway. We also use the word "there" in our training program and felt it would be too confusing for her. We've changed her name to Brandy, which means "small female with a fiery spirit". This name suits her to a tee! She is a tough little firecracker with tons of herding instinct.
Brandy is sired by Lacy's TOSS and her dam is Lacy's Imported JILL. Lacy's TOSS is a rough coated, black and white, prick-eared dog with an affectionate, easy to get along with personality - HIPS OFA GOOD-PENNSHIP SCORES EXCEPTIONAL - EYES CERF NORMAL! Toss is sired by Kent Kuyendall's open trial winner, COON, who was "Dog of the Year" several years ago, and National Final's qualifier. Coon has an impressive, consistent record for wins and high placings in Open Trials across the country. His most recent accomplishments include: Winner of the Working Border Collie Award for 2000, Winner of Ben Ousley's Trial, and winner of the Carolina/Tennessee Triple Crown. Toss is also out of David Henry's top consistent open trial winning bitch, who's also qualified a number of years for the National Finals! Toss's top line represents some of the top USBCHA trial dogs in the nation, and his bottom line represents solid working farm stockdogs! Brandys dam is Lacy's Imported JILL - HIPS OFA GOOD-PENNHIP SCORES ABOVE AVERAGE - EYES TESTED CLEAR! Jill is sired by D. Robertson's JAKE, and out of D. Robertson's JILL! Lacy's JILL carries the blood of the following well known trial & farm dogs: J. Cropper's #CAP, Jones' #BWLCH TAFF, Dalziel's #DRYDEN JOE, J. J. Templeton's #ROY, and S. Davidson's # BEN! Jill has placed and won consistently in open, and qualified for the last couple of Nationals! Going into the 2003 Nationals she was ranked in the top 25 dogs in the nation! Jill is a beautiful, rough coated, black and white, one pricked and one slightly tipped eared dog!
Brandy is a loving and sweet dog that is extremely biddable and quick to learn. She's very smart and learns things easily. She's got a beautiful thick coat and very nice style and movement. She is very intense in everything she does. It also appears as if our Katie has met her match! Brandy is just as fast as Katie is and she can turn on a dime! She is extremely agile.
See her awesome pedigree on the "Pedigree" page.

Brandy is a lovely girl with a solid white face leading to a full collar and white front legs.

Brandy loves children. She is gentle and very sweet. Shown with Autumn after playing outside all day

Brandy is a VERY talented herding dog. She has tons of style, eye and crouch.

Brandy is a great sheep dog. She is wonderfully bred, and it shows in her herding instinct.

Brandy working with Jamee at a 4-H herding clinic. She works wonderfully for anyone. Such style!

Brandy's Dam, Lacy's Jill. She is a top trial dog, working farm dog, and devoted companion.

Brandy's Sire, Toss. This is the best photo I could find. He's currently at Alisdair McCrae's farm.

Brandy's paternal grandsire. This is Kent Kuykendall's Coon. He is a great, well-known trial winner!

Watch for a litter by Brandy soon!