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We have several available
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Well, they are here! Most are healthy and in pretty good condition with current vaccinations. They are purebreds. They all come from the same estate and have been registered. Their papers will not go with them.
If you have room in your heart for a wonderful companion, make an appointment to come by and see them in person! There is a good selection to choose from. Most of these dogs have had no socializing at all and have never even had a collar on. Some are very skittish. They all need good, loving homes. Most all of them fight a leash and will require ground level training, however, they do seem to have fearful yet willing dispositions. They are sweet and appreciate a kind word and gentle handling. We have been working with them on leash training and crating. They have all made enormous progress. They have nice temperaments and kind hearts. They need stable homes.
NOTE:  If you do not have room in your home for a dog, but have room in your heart to love, and have the ability financially, several of these dogs are in need of medical assistance. If you would like to sponsor one of these dogs until we can find it a good home, we would sure appreciate the help. You will be given credit for your donations below.
Terms and Conditions:
These dogs must all be spayed/neutered immediately. We ask that they be vaccinated for rabies at your vet so that their tags will connect with your vet should they become lost. Some require medical attention. Some need diets and exercise. New owners will be required to be pre-qualified, fill out a questionnaire, and sign a contract. This contract assures that you will spay/neuter immediately and that you will never relinquish an adoptee to any facility or home other than myself. If, for any reason, the dog must be given up, it must be returned back to me.
Adoption fees will be $250-$350 depending on age, sex, etc.
$100 of this fee will be returned to you upon proof of spay/neuter of each dog. Multiple dogs may be adopted to approved homes.
Available dogs are as follows: Edit

"BELLE" - B/W, female - DOB: 7/31/98
She's an easy keeper, and could use some exercise and a diet. She's a little independent and is definitely alpha. Her right eye is blue. Interesting facial markings! Lots of freckles. Belle will be coming into heat soon and will require spaying ASAP! Belle is the mother of Annabelle and Patches. They are from different litters and have different sires. Belle likes human attention but does not get along well with female dogs. She does like male dogs, however, especially Prince. They are very bonded. Edit

bellecolage.jpg Edit

"PRINCE" - B/W, male - DOB: 4/13/98
He is Patches' sire. Active young dog would like active loving home. Prince is very friendly and outgoing. He is also a good watchdog and will bark at strangers. He reminds me of my Glen, Katie's sire. Nice dog. Gets along well with female dogs. He is a lovely large male that may require some skin and allergy treatments. He is difficult on a leash but is very responsive off lead. We are working with him on lead. Edit

princecolage.jpg Edit

"CASEY" - Chocolate, female - DOB: 9/30/98
Casey recently had a problem losing the coat on her sides. She has received treatment and is doing much better. It is presumed to be an allergy of some sort. It could also be from recently having pups, or from stress. She's a very sweet girl, but a little shy. She is definitely looking for someone to love her. She bonds quickly. She's quite overweight and needs a diet and some exercise. She is a small female that's about 10 pounds overweight. She will follow you anywhere for affection. She loves attention and has learned quickly to walk on a leash and to come when called. Edit

caseycolage.jpg Edit

"ANNABELLE" - B/W, female - DOB: 11/30/98
Nice traditional markings with freckles. Very pretty and sweet temperament. She's overweight and needs a diet, but extremely nice. Very sweet and loving temperament. She's had several litters of puppies, the last of which were just weaned. She is Belle's daughter. Annabelle is suffering from major hair loss, probably due to just having weaned a litter of puppies and low protein diet. Edit

annabellecolage.jpg Edit

"BUDDY" - Rare Blonde, male - DOB: 6/16/00
This is a VERY shy and skittish pup that will require socializing, and a quiet loving home with patient owners. He had no socializing or training at all and was basically a wild animal. He had never even had a leash or collar on. He would bite out of fear if pushed too hard, especially when being crated. We are working on leash training him now and also on gaining his trust. He is making progress and now allows us to pet him. He would not look into anyone's eyes or face when he arrived. He is now feeling comfortable enough to look at us when we talk to him. He is learning to enjoy being petted. We have him safely tethered at this time to break him to accept a collar and restraint without injury to us. He is learning surprisingly quickly and is no longer fighting the collar. A very special home is needed for this large, gorgeous boy, with a patient owner. No children. Other dogs possible? He does not seem aggressive with most other dogs. Home with constant human contact is preferred. Buddy is Casey's son. He is quite large, though she is petite. We were very surprised.


"TIPPY" - Mostly white, male - DOB: 5/19/01

Tippy is a very friendly and outgoing dog. He would do well in a home with children. He's loveable, active and playful. Tippy is a gorgeous dog with prick ears and a lovely presence. He is, however, in need of medical attention. He is very thin, has a double eye infection and possible stress mange. He has the most wonderful personality and will do anything for you. He's a great dog and will make a terrific companion. He's a good watchdog and howls like a wolf when he gets lonely, which is quite often lately since he is in isolation. He looks a lot like a wolf too! Just a wonderful dog! He seems to get along well with other dogs, crates and walks well on a leash. He's loveable and will gladly give hugs if asked. We all like him the best! Well, we like them all, but this one is very special!


WANTED:  Large size Crates and chain link Kennels (in good condition) are always needed. We also need fencing supplies, fence posts, wire; and building supplies, such as cement blocks, concrete, metal roofing material; large dog houses, clean plastic 55 gal. barrels, stainless steel food and water bowls, leashes and collars, good quality dog and puppy food, dog shampoo, towels, tarps for shading pens, medical supplies, flea and tick products, etc. We will pick up large items locally in Florida (Volusia County, Lake County, Seminole County).
Our Very Special Thanks to Vicky Worsham
for her very kind donation of $60 (sent via Paypal) to go towards the purchase of a new crate for Tippy and an additional $50 for medical supplies.
Vicky is also adopting Casey. Casey is a very lucky girl!
Thank you to Ann Frank for the donation of a large wire dog crate!
Thank you to Shelby Clark and Ron for the donation of a large shipping crate, leash, towel, bowls, etc.!
Your donations are all very needed and we are VERY grateful to you!
PLEASE!  DO NOT take your border collie to the pound where it will have a very high chance of being euthanized! If you, or someone you know, has a border collie they do not want or cannot keep, please contact us. We will gladly take in any HEALTHY border collie in need of a home and will try and place them into a suitable new home.
If you do not want your dog because you can not afford to care for it properly, it is out of control, aggressive with children or other pets, too active, won't stay home, digs, won't housebreak, barks...if you are moving and can't take your pet...or any other number of reasons, we will do our utmost to help find your pet a safe and loving new home. Please do not take them to the pound! We will determine if rescue dogs need working homes, pet homes, etc. and will attempt to place them in acceptable environments. We want all of our dog's homes to be permanent and happy ones.
Note: We rescue Border Collies only! We do not take in mixed breeds or other breeds of dogs. Please do not contact us if you have any breed other than a Border Collie. We are not a humane society and are not funded. We regret, we do not have the room to take all dogs in.
Only healthy dogs will be accepted as we do not want to expose our dogs to any illnesses or unhealthy conditions. We will quarantine, but space is limited. Age and temperament are not a factor, however, we do not wish to take your old dying dog just to save you the anguish of having to put it to sleep by yourself or watch it die. We will provide a euthanasia service for dogs in need, for a minimal fee and costs (injection fee and disposal fee). We do not put animals to sleep on our premises. This must be done by a certified veterinarian. We will not euthanize any sound or healthy animal for any reason!
If you are interested in an adoptee, please contact us for availability.
If you have a dog you would like to bring in, call for space availability. We will not always be able to take in dogs as we will occasionally be overloaded, however, we will do our best to accomodate them all!

Contact us: CLICK HERE!


We love them all!